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Guillermo Whpei
Atalayar spoke with Guillermo Whpei, president of the Foundation for Democracy on the occasion of the exhibition "The B side of the World Cup", which came to Madrid to denounce the situation of the victims of labour abuses during the construction of infrastructures for the Qatari event

The B side of the World Cup in Qatar

PHOTO-FILE - Educación y nuevas tecnologías en Marruecos
Materialised by the Office of Vocational Training and Promotion of Work (OFPPT) and as part of an overall programme for the construction of the City of Trades and Skills (CMC), the new vocational training centre for innovation is inaugurated in the city of Tamesna

King Mohammed VI inaugurates a new vocational training centre

PHOTO/MARTA MORENO - Manifestaciones en el norte de Kosovo
The north of Kosovo is the scene of recurrent incidents between the communities present in the territory; Serbs and Albanians

What about the Kosovo Serbs