María Senovilla

After an attack on the Russian navy stationed in Sevastopol, and awaiting possible retaliation from the Kremlin, Zelensky's government assures that "Ukraine has alternative logistical routes to continue exporting agricultural products"

Russia resumes its 'hunger games' and suspends grain export corridor from Ukraine

Atalayar interviews Lieutenant Colonel Aranda, in command of the Spanish contingent in NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Latvia, which has become the hottest border on the planet since Russia invaded Ukraine

Lieutenant Colonel Roberto Aranda Gil: "The defence of Europe's Eastern Flank is the defence of Western values"

With 11 million people driven from their homes by armed conflict, Ukraine has already become the largest refugee crisis in history

Refugees of the war in Ukraine: when you no longer have a home to return to

More than 400,000 people sleep underground every night in Ukraine's second largest city since the war began, and some 5,000 live permanently in underground stations because their homes have been destroyed during the shelling

Kharkov, the city that lives underground