April, month of literature at the Three Cultures Foundation

The Fatima Mernissi library of the Foundation joins the initiative to disseminate literature on the occasion of International Book Day 
Fundación Tres Culturas
The Three Cultures Foundation

International Book and Copyright Day is celebrated around the world on 23 April. This date was chosen by UNESCO in 1995 to commemorate the death of two of the most important writers in world literature: Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare. 

  1. Presentations and meetings 

This celebration aims to promote reading, disseminate culture through literature, strengthen the publishing industry and defend the protection of intellectual property. To this end, activities such as book fairs, literary presentations, workshops, urban interventions, etc. are programmed in many countries around the world. 

As every year, the Fatima Mernissi library, which specialises in Mediterranean literature, joins this initiative with a programme of activities during the month of April, ranging from book presentations to a film series. 

Presentations and meetings 

Wednesday, 10 April, 10.00 a.m. 

Antonio Rubio, teacher and poet, presents his book "Con los brazos abiertos a los alumnos del Colegio Andalucía". 

Wednesday, 10th April, 18.00 h. 

Meeting with Antonio Rubio, a journey through the traditional children's songbook. 

Saturday, 27 April, 19.30 h. 

Tribute to Antonio Lozano in Tangiers at the Riad Sultan cultural and artistic space in Tangiers. 

Cinema and literature 

Tuesday, 23 April, The Blank Page 

Tuesday, April 30, The world after us 

Book club sessions 

Wednesday 24 April. Three with books on the move and for young people from Cartaya (Huelva) analyses the graphic novel 'Entre justicia y madre' (Norma editorial) by José Lenzini and Laurent Gnoni. 

Thursday 25 April. Session of the Leila Slimani reading club to discuss the work 'The Wide World' by Pierre Lemaitre.