At the International Publishers and Writers Exhibition in Rabat

Dar Al-Shaer Batwan immortalises international poetry nights

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As part of the 27th edition of the International Publishing and Writers Exhibition in Rabat, organised by the Moroccan Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, Dar Al-Shaer will be dedicated to international poetry nights, with the participation of poets from Europe, Africa and the Arab world, with artistic and musical performances.


The first evening will be held on Friday 3 June 2022, in the Rabat al-Fath Hall, in the exhibition space, with the participation of the Greek poet Tsula Kragorgio, the Nigerian poet Ali Mustafa Lone, the Palestinian poet Fatina al-Ghara, the Iraqi poet Aref al-Saadi, the Emirati poet Mohamed al-Briki and the Moroccan poet Mohamed Ali al-Rubawi, while the opening night will be performed by the artist Rachida Talal and the group in Arabic and sensual songs that testify to the African extension of Morocco, while African literature will be the guest of honour in this course with the Rabat Book Fair, the capital of African cultures and Islam, and the capital of lights.

The second evening of the following day continues on Saturday 4 June 2022, with the participation of Maria Atanasio from Italy, Abdel Moneim Hassan from Mali and Saif al-Rahbi from Oman and the Amazigh poet Malika Boutaleb from Morocco. Tonight, the three lights will be interpreted in Moroccan and African musical performances. The third night will take place on Thursday 9 June 2022, with the participation of the Portuguese poet Roy Kouyas, the Tunisian poet Jamila al-Majri and the Moroccan poet Rachid Momini, with three-part musical performances. 


Launched five years ago, the International Poetry Nights are part of the Cultural Programme of the International Exhibition of Publications and Books and, in recent sessions, have been attended by distinguished poets from Africa, Europe, Latin America, the United States of America and the Arab world. The organisation of these poetry evenings is part of Dar al-Shaer Batwan's opening up to various cities, spaces and archaeological sites, and its participation in many of Morocco's major cultural events.