The Diwan Bookshop in Madrid is hosting the event "New voices in Moroccan literature in Spanish: poetry and award-winning stories" on Tuesday 19 July

New values of Moroccan literature in the Spanish language

Littérature Maroc

In collaboration with the Madrid City Council, Librería Diwan and Ibérica Libros present this 19 July 2022 from 19:00 to 20:30, Spanish time, the event " New voices in Moroccan literature in Spanish: poetry and award-winning stories" about the recent book that collects the poetic and narrative texts of the ten finalists and winners of previous poetry and short story competitions organised by the Cervantes Institute in Fez since 2018. 

The book is entitled "Young Moroccans write in Spanish" (Madrid, Editorial Diwan, 2022). The activity will be both face-to-face and virtual and will be broadcast live on Facebook.

Participating in the event will be Miguel Ángel Sanjosé, director of the Instituto Cervantes in Fez, María Isabel Méndez, currently librarian at the Instituto Cervantes in Tangiers, and Mohamed Abrighach, professor of Spanish Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Ibn Zohr in Agadir, along with the authors Jamal-Eddine El Mejhed, Amira Debbabi, Nabil Loukili, Ikram Oualla, Mouhcine El Fezazi, Ahmed Balghzal, El Abbas Tahri Youtéi Hasaní, Rachid Boussad, Meryem Ghoua and Achraf Salti. 

The presentation will be given by Teresa Pereira, head of the Diwan Bookshop, and the event will take place at the Diwan Bookshop, Calle Puerto de Canfranc, 20, in Madrid. It will be broadcast live on Zoom for invited guests and on Facebook for the general public interested in the following link:

A great opportunity to enjoy the works and thoughts of the new talents of Moroccan literature writing in Spanish.

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