The Andalusian Regional Government and Atalayar organise a conference in Seville as part of the "Euro-Mediterranean Encounters" programme to highlight Spanish-Moroccan ties

Andalucía, nexo euromediterráneo España-Marruecos

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The conference 'Andalusia, Euro-Mediterranean Spain-Morocco Nexus' to be held in Seville on 22 November is the first and inaugural event of an ambitious and fruitful 'Euro-Mediterranean Encounters' programme, which consists of holding some 20 events in different cities in Spain and Morocco over the coming years at a time of particular significance.   

This first meeting, organised by the Andalusian Regional Government and Atalayar and sponsored by Acción Exterior and with the collaboration of the Three Cultures Foundation, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Silken Hotels and the International Press Club, analyses various topics in the field of bilateral relations, such as investment, trade relations and tourism, as well as mutual cultural ties, with performances by prominent artists. 

The aim is to highlight relations between Morocco and Spain in all aspects and sectors with the necessary continuity to send the right messages about the reality of the ties and strategic interests of the two neighbouring countries.  

The spirit and philosophy of these meetings is to strengthen the bridges between the two neighbouring countries through knowledge, understanding and collaboration in an atmosphere of respect and loyalty. This is the best way to solve and overcome problems.  

The main topics to be discussed at the meetings are economic, commercial, political, scientific, technological, social, cultural and cooperation and security.

The expected participants are businessmen, experts, politicians, Hispanists, academics, artists and prominent personalities from both countries.  

The meetings aim to offer a comprehensive view of relations between Spain and Morocco, both from a bilateral and global perspective (positions of the two countries in the international framework), with a special focus on trade relations and the economic partnership between the two neighbouring countries.  

Morocco is Spain's natural partner, both because of its geographical proximity and because of the historical ties that have always united the two nations. In recent years, relations have intensified at the political, social and economic levels. In fact, Spain has become Morocco's leading trading partner, with exports and investments between the two countries together now accounting for more than 10 per cent of the North African nation's GDP. The Moroccan kingdom is a priority market for Spain, being its main trading partner both in the Maghreb region and in the rest of the African continent.  

Morocco has undergone major changes in recent years, both politically and economically, and stands out for its political stability and the great dynamism of its economy, which has earned it the status of advanced partner of the European Union.  

Spanish-Moroccan relations are going through a good period, not only at an economic and commercial level, but also because both countries collaborate actively in strategic areas such as the fight against terrorism, organised crime and irregular migration.  

The objectives of the conference are:  

  • To analyse bilateral relations between Spain and Morocco from a historical and renewed perspective, in various spheres (economic, cultural and political) and from different perspectives (institutional and business).  
  • To learn about the keys to the success of bilateral initiatives and projects, with special emphasis on success stories in the field of business development and business cooperation.  
  • To generate a frank and plural Spanish-Moroccan space for dialogue, debate and exchange of ideas between state actors, businessmen and figures from the social and academic spheres, on the future of the strategic partnership between the two countries.  

Participants include professors, researchers and university students of International Relations, International Law, Geopolitics, International Trade and Business Studies, political leaders, institutional officials, representatives of civil society and specialised media in both countries, businessmen and representatives of professional associations interested in learning about business opportunities and the keys to success in each of the two markets, and the general public interested in learning about the evolution and prospects of relations between two neighbouring countries and strategic partners at various levels. 


Seville 22 November 2022. Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation 

Hassan II Building. C/ Max Planck, 2 Isla de la Cartuja. 41092 Seville 




22nd November 


8:45 Reception of attendees     


9:00 - 10:30 Welcome and Inauguration     

- María de la Concepción de Santa Ana Fernández, Managing Director of the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean. 

- Valeria Sinisi García, Mediterranean Dialogue Project Manager Friedrich Naumann Foundation. 

- Omar Hejira, Vice-President of the Eastern Region Council. 

- Taoufik ElBourch, Vice-President of the Council of the Tangiers-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region. 

- Antonio Sanz Cabello, Minister of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification. 


10:30 - 11:30 Spain - Morocco global strategic partners: Andalusia as an economic and commercial bridge. 

- Mohamed Benchaib, CEO Bank Of Africa Europe. 

- Miguel Guardiola Villamarín, Director of International Relations at the Confederation of Andalusian Businessmen. 

- Rafael Sánchez Duran, General Manager Endesa Andalucía, Extremadura, Ceuta and Melilla. 

- Nourdine Mouati, Manager of cooperation projects Spain - Kingdom of Morocco. 

Moderator: Javier Fernández Arribas, Director of Atalayar 


11:30 - 12:45 Business opportunities and establishment of Andalusian companies in Morocco 

- Pablo Lería Couderc, Head of the Africa and Middle East Market Development Department, Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion (Extenda). 

- José Ignacio García Muniozguren, Managing Partner of the Garrigues office in Casablanca. 

- Aziz El-Hammouti, Corporate Director Robles Sphére 

Moderator: Luis Montoto Rojo, Deputy Director ABC Sevilla 


12:45 - 13:45 Cooperation in the field of tourism: complementarity of tourist destinations 

- Anouar Bennouna, Vice-President of the Provincial Tourism Council of Tetouan. 

- Noamane El Hachimi El Belghiti, Director Grupe Globalia 

- Moisés Hassan-Amselém, CEO Jewish Spain Morocco Tour 

- Javier García, Commercial Director Al Andalus Palace Hoteles Silken 

- Mariam Filali Meknasi, Director Business Etiquette et Protocolé

Moderator: Javier Fernández Arribas, Director Atalayar 


14:00 - 15:30 Lunch - Cocktail (Halal) 


15:30 - 16:30 - University cooperation: boosting Spanish-Moroccan talent 

- Randa El Jeboruni, research professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies at the Abdelmalek Essaaadi University of Tetouan (Morocco) 

- Jamael Eddine Stitou El Messari, University lecturer and international project manager at the Abdelmalek Essaaadi University of Tetouan (Morocco) 

- Arturo Chica Pérez, Vice-Rector for Internalisation of the International University of Andalusia. 

Moderator: Carmen Beamonte, Director of Canal Sur Radio news. 


16:30 - 17:30 The role of Andalusia as a nexus between Spain and the Kingdom of Morocco     

- Francisco Javier Arroyo, Director of Andalucía Global 

- Jerónimo Páez, lawyer and expert in international politics. 

- Rachid Tafersiti, historian and writer from Tangiers. 

Moderator: Nourdine Mouati, coordinator Global Morocco/Audakia 


17:30-18:00 Conclusions and Closing Ceremony     

- Enrique Millo, Secretary General for External Action, European Union and Cooperation of the Andalusian Regional Government. 

You can follow the event at the following links: 



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