It is a tool based on Generative Artificial Intelligence that uses ChatGPT and DialogFlow services as a base

Blue Healthcare launches, the first medical advisor with conversational artificial intelligence

Blue Healthcare
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Blue Healthcare Hospital Group has developed and launched the first free medical advisor with conversational artificial intelligence, It is a free tool based on Generative Artificial Intelligence that uses ChatGPT and DialogFlow services as a base and offers answers in both Spanish and English.'s main objective is to guide users in their pathologies to prevent them from turning to unreliable sources on the Internet whose recommendations could endanger their health. For its development, it has been based on more than 200 million medical studies under the supervision of Blue Healthcare professionals. is able to answer questions about the medical specialties that receive the most queries: General Medicine, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Paediatrics, among others. "We are very proud to become pioneers in offering a tool as complete as, capable of making recommendations on any specialty with a depth of response not achieved by any application of these characteristics to date," says Dr. Mar铆a Cord贸n, founder and CEO of Blue Healthcare. "We hope it will provide help and guidance for people facing a health problem for themselves or their families," she says.  

With the launch of, Blue Healthcare joins the ranks of companies in the healthcare sector that are beginning to implement Artificial Intelligence to help patients and professionals. In this sense, Dr. Cord贸n assures that " is a good complement to the healthcare service that allows patients to answer their questions immediately. It is not a substitute for the health professional, as it always ends its advice with the recommendation to go to the specialist who always has the last word on the disease. But it is an ally that will direct the patient or their relatives to reliable sources and give them peace of mind".  

Using is very simple and accessible to all age groups. There is no need to register, just start chatting naturally via WhatsApp by choosing the medical speciality beforehand. Thanks to continuous use, the tool learns constantly and concisely. is the first step towards the definitive introduction of AI in the healthcare sector. The application of this technology would allow, among other advances, faster and more accurate diagnoses due to the possibility of analysing a large volume of data, a more thorough review of medical images or the ability to generate reports accurately allowing the healthcare professional to devote more time to patient care and treatment. "Although we are still at the beginning of the era of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector, is an accessible first step for patients and the general population. Being the pioneers in having such a system is a success," concludes Dr. Cord贸n. 

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