The company made the launch of its new company official with an event held on 1 May in Overland Park, Kansas

Indra consolidates its global leadership in air traffic management with its US subsidiary Indra Air Traffic Inc

Indra wants to become the undisputed number one in the air traffic management business and has taken a relevant step to achieve it: it has launched its new US subsidiary Indra Air Traffic Inc. with a presentation event held on May 1st in Overland Park, Kansas, which means the start-up of the activity of the new company integrated in its ATM business.

The event was attended by Kansas Senator Jerry Moran, Kansas Congresswoman Sharice Davids, Kansas Deputy Secretary of Commerce Paul Hughes, and Overland Park City Council President Jim Kite. Indra's ATM business strategy director Ramon Tarrech and Indra Air Traffic Inc's CEO Bill Colligan, who acted as master of ceremonies, participated on behalf of Indra. Also invited to this week's celebrations were the more than 100 professionals who will work in the new company.

After acquiring Selex ES's air traffic business line, focused on air navigation aid systems, and converting it into a new company of its air traffic business, Indra has made a strong entry into the United States. The objective is to put its complete portfolio of products and services and more than four decades of experience in the ATM business at the service of the upcoming renewal of the country's air infrastructures. It will also offer some of the most cutting-edge technologies that are beginning to be deployed around the world and that bear the company's hallmark.

These are now joined by the assets incorporated in the United States, including the only FAA-certified distance measuring equipment (DME), and new customers such as the US Air Force and the US Navy, which complement Indra's offer and customer portfolio. 

Indra's ATM Strategy Director, Ram贸n Tarrech, highlighted during his speech at the launch event that "the United States is one of the largest national airspaces in the world and its ATM business has great growth potential. Strengthening our presence and activity in the country opens up enormous opportunities for us, will help us to complete our leadership in the sector on a global scale and will allow us to introduce internationally proven cutting-edge technology in a country with a clearly innovative DNA".

Bill Colligan, CEO of Indra Air Traffic Inc. said, "Joining Indra, a world leader in the industry, will help us strengthen our portfolio and provide a comprehensive service to our customers. Indra is the only company in the world with proprietary technology that covers all segments of the industry and is able to fully manage a flight in all its stages".

Indra's subsidiary in the United States was created with a hundred professionals and a production plant in Overland Park, Kansas. In these facilities, Indra will create a centre of excellence for air navigation aid systems (NAVAIDS), from which it will provide services to customers in the United States and the rest of the world, and which will be the starting point for the development of an industrial plan that aims to incorporate and commercialise other products from Indra's portfolio and add new capabilities.

Indra Air Traffic Inc

World leading technology

Indra is the leading air traffic engineering technology company that is defining the way we fly and manage the skies in the future to make aviation even safer, more efficient and sustainable. 

It has unique expertise. It has deployed more than 6,000 installations in over 90% of the world's countries and its technology is present in the journeys of more than 85% of passengers during some phase of their flight.

The company is leading some of the most advanced and demanding programmes, projects and systems that are transforming the industry. For example, it is working on the digitalisation of EUROCONTROL's Integrated Network Manager; it is the technological partner of iTEC, where it works with seven of the main European ANSPs to promote the Single European Digital Sky; and it has become an ally for the modernisation of air infrastructures in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, providing services to the most emblematic and complex clients.

Thanks to its technological capacity, Indra is at the forefront of the sector's digitalisation and air traffic automation. The application of the most advanced technologies helps ensure safety and continuity of service, and allows, among other advantages, an unprecedented level of precision in flight management. It also helps to increase capacity, increase punctuality, reduce emissions to move towards "Green Aviation" and have the flexibility to adapt to demand and react to any unforeseen event.

Indra is also one of the first companies in the world to implement air traffic management systems using 4D trajectories; digital and remote air traffic control tower systems; and solutions based on artificial intelligence, big data, digitised IP communications and 3D radars prepared to mitigate the effects of wind turbines. In addition, the company is constantly on the lookout for new solutions for wind turbines.

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