This is revealed by the nPerf barometer, which states that Inwi is the leader in the ranking, while Orange is still in the last position

Maroc Télécom and Inwi, Morocco's preferred mobile internet brands

Maroc Telecom

The company nPerf, which is dedicated on its website to accurately measuring the quality of network connections, has produced a barometer in which it states that the telephone companies Inwi and Maroc Telecom are the best-performing and, therefore, the favourites of Moroccan citizens. This was carried out after a test period of 108,575 mobile internet connections in Morocco from all the companies operating in the Kingdom.

First of all, Inwi tops the list and is at the top of the list with the best performance of all mobile companies when connecting to the internet. The company, founded in 2009 by Karim Zaz and based in the city of Casablanca, has become the users' favourite. The company nPerf reports a success rate of 72.18%. The application adds that downloads and uploads of files from the network take around 22.80 Mb/s and 8.57 Mb/s respectively. On the other hand, the time it takes for pages to load is 35.22 ms, so browsing has a 52.59% success rate. At the same time, nPerf points out that playing YouTube videos from this company, with a connection from a phone, has a success rate of 68.33%, which is why the site awards Inwi almost 54,000 points in total and places it in first position.

Maroc Telecom

Even so, nPerf adds to the information that, after the coronavirus burst onto the world stage, and, above all, into the world of work, it has produced a turmoil that phone brands have had to learn to adjust to. The shift to teleworking and the digitisation of almost the entire industry has meant a new adaptation by companies to serve the best service and quality available. Although Inwi leads as the best brand in mobile internet connection, the data shows that it has lagged behind in performance following this development.

This is followed by Maroc Telecom in second place. In this regard, Perf points out that, during 2021, Morocco's most famous company recorded a growth of 8.5%, which endows it with an improvement in its characteristics, following a comparison with its performance in 2020. Despite being the second best operating brand in the Alawi country, the data reflects a closeness between the services of its competitors, which, although they are placed in a better position, their services have made them lose more than 10,000 points in the list.

Maroc Telecom

Compared to Inwi, the Rabat-based brand has a higher success rate at 76.35%, almost 4 points higher. On the other hand, downloads using a mobile connection are slower than those of its competitor, with a speed of 35.13% Mb/s, while file uploads are more or less similar. The barometer states that the idle time is much longer and slower on Maroc Telecom, at 71.60 ms, so its browsing rate is 50.45%. In quality video plays on YouTube, the brand outperforms Inwi and registers a quality of 74.52%, for which the Moroccan firm has received a total of 52,646 points.

The last position in the ranking is occupied by Orange. The brand founded by Telefónica, which started its operations in Morocco in 1999, recorded worse data compared to its rivals. The figures reflect a level well below that of its peers and remains below the performance recorded in 2019. Although its success rate is 73%, download and upload speeds are very low at 15.35 Mb/s and 6.76 Mb/s respectively. Its response time is 40.94 ms, so its mobile browsing has a success rate of 50.55%, while YouTube clip playback is 65.93%. Thus, nPerf gives it 45,717 points, and it gets the last place.