This was made clear at the Digital Energy Smart Battery Forum event held in Casablanca

Morocco, a pioneer in the development of ultra-fast charging of electric car batteries

photo_camera REUTERS/JEAN BIZIMANA - The automotive industry is the second most important sector in Morocco

Morocco is at the forefront of ultra-fast charging of electric car batteries thanks to the contribution of researcher Rachid Yazami. The Moroccan inventor was present at the Digital Energy Smart Battery Forum held in Casablanca and gave a presentation on the intelligent development planned for this type of electric vehicle charging.  

Rachid Yazami presented the latest advances in ultra-fast charging of lithium-ion batteries for electric cars and various components, something that Morocco handles almost exclusively, as the Moroccan inventor himself pointed out, according to various media outlets such as Bladi.  

Rachid Yazami, who lives in Singapore, returned home to Casablanca to take part in the Digital Energy Smart Battery Forum, a meeting organised by Interworld in collaboration with alumni of the INSA engineering school. 

At the event, the Moroccan researcher and inventor presented the panel "Lithium-ion smart battery: the revolution in smart battery charging". Rachid Yazami has worked decisively throughout his career to advance research and innovation in this field.  

The breakthroughs achieved by Rachid Yazami are the basis for decisive developments in various sectors such as automotive, telecommunications and telephony. The event in Casablanca also served to compare the Moroccan inventor's advances with other representatives of different productive sectors, including renewable energy, which is key for several countries, including the North African nation.  


"Ultra-fast battery charging was news, I think we are the only country in the world that has this technology today," said Moroccan researcher and inventor Rachid Yazami at the Digital Energy Smart Battery Forum, an event focused on the development of smart batteries. "Morocco has great energy potential, we have phosphate and cobalt which are essential for the manufacture of lithium batteries," Yazami said, as reported by Morocco Detail Zero.  

With the breakthrough of Non-Linear Voltammetry (NLV), presented by Rashid Yazami himself, the recharge time "which can exceed one hour" can be reduced to less than 15 minutes or even five minutes. "The method consists of applying a series of non-linear currents, which makes it possible to adapt the voltage to the state of the battery so that it does not heat up and can cool itself," explained the Moroccan researcher. 

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