The company is in the first phase of its strategic expansion to open new markets and boost the digitalisation of the waste value chain

Spanish company TEIMAS continues its international expansion in Europe

Miguel Varela, TEIMAS
photo_camera Miguel Varela, TEIMAS

The Spanish company TEIMAS, which develops technological solutions for professional waste management and the circular economy, has announced its expansion across Europe.  

This move, which is part of the company's first phase of strategic expansion, will allow the company to open up new markets and drive the digitisation of the waste value chain in large corporations internationally.  

TEIMAS, which already has a presence in Spain, Portugal and Belgium, will be launching in other European countries in the coming months, with the intention of helping companies in these areas to comply with new environmental regulations and collaborate with their corporate sustainability strategies.  

Miguel Varela, CEO and co-founder of TEIMAS explains that "our strategic internationalisation plan aims to help large corporations to manage their waste in the most efficient way possible, through our technological solutions that facilitate compliance with laws, reduce waste management costs and enable progress in corporate circular economy strategies by promoting a zero waste mentality".

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To this end, TEIMAS has recently launched a new version of its Zero software, a cloud platform, which is already used by more than 30 multinationals in the manufacturing, food and beverage, energy, oil & gas and telecommunications sectors. With it, large corporations can bring together all their waste information in one place, securely store historical data and create the reports needed to prepare inspections, audits and sustainability reports. 

Zero Autumn Release 2023, as this latest version is called, also offers multinationals the possibility to receive data and information from other software applications (used by managers, agents, dealers, etc.), to include information on credits or charges associated with waste shipments, and to add fees for each type of waste or group of waste, which allows them to better understand and control the associated economic data. 

In this way, TEIMAS' technological solutions help large companies to intelligently manage their waste, protect the environment in an economically profitable way, speed up procedures and reduce loading times. 

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TEIMAS has more than 15 years of experience in the digitalisation of waste management and its technological solutions are designed to help companies protect the environment and people's health, as well as to respect and comply with the new regulations on sustainability and circular economy that are being developed by the governments of the European Union and other surrounding countries. 

"With this international expansion, we plan to achieve 50% annual growth and thus boost our market position as a leading international company in the waste management of large corporations. In addition, with the arrival in these new countries, we want to reinforce the importance for the environment and society of companies implementing tools that help them reduce their impact on nature," says Varela.  

Digitising the waste value chain is, nowadays, essential to boost the circular economy at a time when large corporations have demonstrated its importance in reducing the effect we generate on the environment.  

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Today, TEIMAS works with more than 900 waste management facilities and there are more than 20,000 waste production points that use its technological solutions. These are figures that the company expects to exceed thanks to this international expansion.  

Currently, large corporations such as Telef贸nica, Damm, Porcelanosa, Red El茅ctrica, American Tower Espa帽a and others use TEIMAS technological solutions to manage their waste and protect the environment.

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