Emirates and Bahrain reaffirm their support for Morocco's plan for the Sahara

Morocco's two partner countries have taken advantage of the UN C-24 session to stress what they see as the only solution to the Saharawi conflict
PHOTO/@AlonUshpiz - Los representantes políticos de los seis miembros del Foro del Néguev, Manama (Bahréin), 27 de junio de 2022
PHOTO/@AlonUshpiz - Political representatives of the six members of the Negev Forum, Manama (Bahrain), 27 June 2022
  1. A 'serious and credible' plan for the Security Council
  2. UAE and Bahrain: Strong Relations Strengthened by the Abraham Accords

Morocco continues to strengthen its position on Western Sahara. At the same time as new countries are joining the list of partners that support the proposal for Sahrawi autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty, those that already do so are reaffirming their position. The latest to do so were the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain, which praised in particular the work of the UN Secretary General's envoy for the Sahara, Staffan de Mistura.

A 'serious and credible' plan for the Security Council

This is the vision of a growing number of countries. In a complex context, in which both the Polisario Front and Algeria are seeking to stir up the hornet's nest that Western Sahara has been turning into for years, the Moroccan proposal is gaining more supporters. And it does so because, as the UN Security Council concluded, it is a "serious and credible" plan, the only concrete solution to the conflict right now.

Mujeres saharauis se reúnen frente a una tienda de campaña durante el festival internacional de cine FiSahra, el 13 de octubre de 2022, en el campamento de refugiados de Aousserd, a las afueras de la ciudad de Tinduf, en el suroeste de Argelia - Fotografía de Ryad KRAMDI/AFP
Sahrawi women gather in front of a tent during the FiSahra international film festival, 13 October 2022, in the Aousserd refugee camp outside the town of Tindouf, southwestern Algeria - Photo by Ryad KRAMDI/AFP

Hence, Morocco's closest partners are urging other countries to join the movement. The UAE has stressed its "full support" for Morocco's proposal, with whom it claims to be committed to defending its territorial integrity and contributing to its security. These words were echoed by the Bahraini representative at the C24, who called on all parties to "engage constructively in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2703", which extended the mandate of MINURSO (UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara) until at least October of this year.

UAE and Bahrain: Strong Relations Strengthened by the Abraham Accords

Both the UAE and Bahrain have praised the work of Staffan de Mistura, who undertook a tour of countries in the region a few months ago in an effort to rally support for a realistic solution to the conflict. Particular emphasis has been placed on involving new actors to focus on the situation in the Sahara, who can mediate in a complex context in which neither Algeria nor the Polisario Front seem willing to give in to the Moroccan proposal, which is gaining more support by the day.

AP/ALEX BRANDON - La ceremonia de firma de los Acuerdos de Abraham en el Jardín Sur de la Casa Blanca, en Washington
The Abrahamic Agreements signing ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington - AP/ALEX BRANDON

The ties shared by the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco are multifaceted. It is not limited to the strong cultural and commercial ties shared by the three countries. They are two of the signatories of the Abraham Accords - considered by many to be the 'accords of the century' - by which Bahrain and the UAE, under US auspices, normalised diplomatic relations with Israel. Morocco followed in the footsteps of Morocco, which also normalised its relations with the Hebrew country, also thanks to Washington's mediation.

It has now been four years since the signing of a memorandum that changed the geopolitical reality of the Middle East and brought the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco closer together as part of a united bloc linked to the leadership of a United States presided over at the time by Donald Trump. And this bloc has been strengthened and extended to other portfolios, making the alliances between these three friendly countries even stronger