José Vicente de los Mozos takes personal command of the Next Generation Weapon System, the company's top priority

Indra's new CEO takes the reins of the European FCAS fighter in Spain

PHOTO/Indra - El nuevo consejero delegado de Indra ha decidido asumir de manera personal y directa las responsabilidades en España sobre Futuro Sistema de Combate Aéreo (FCAS)
photo_camera PHOTO/Indra - Indra's new CEO has decided to personally and directly assume the responsibilities in Spain for the Future Combat Air Systems (FCAS)

José Vicente de los Mozos has arrived through the front door to Indra's executive management and, in just twenty days, he has already knocked on the door and assumed in person the direct command of the national component that pivots on the future European FCAS fighter, a multi-million dollar programme promoted by the governments of Germany, Spain and France.

A 60-year-old executive forged in the national automotive sector, the main purpose of De los Mozos' move as new CEO of the Spanish technology company is to reinforce the management team assigned to the Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS) of the Future Air Combat System (FCAS) and to sanction the creation of the programme's so-called Joint National Office.

PHOTO/JPons - Jefe de la Oficina de programa del NGWS/FCAS en la dirección general de Armamento y Material, el coronel Luis Villar, del Ejército del Aire y del Espacio, ante los hitos clave del proyecto
PHOTO/JPons - Head of the NGWS/FCAS Programme Office at the Directorate General of Armament and Material, Colonel Luis Villar, Air and Space Army, in front of the key milestones of the project

Based at Indra's new facilities in Alcobendas, near Madrid, this is an informal organisation that aims to enhance the unity of action of the national aspect of the FCAS. The team is made up of semi-permanent representatives from the programme office headed by Air Force Colonel Luis Villar in the Directorate General of Armament and Material and industry executives.  

But there is also a second major general objective: to make it clear to the Ministry of Defence that the multinational company chaired by Marc Murtra is going to make every effort to lead the Spanish companies participating in the development of the future European combat aircraft, which De los Mozos has stated is "the company's top priority". Sources in the sector consider the measure "very positive" and understand that "it is the great project by which the Spanish defence industry and, in particular, Indra, will be judged".

PHOTO/Indra - La secretaria de Estado de Defensa, Amparo Valcarce, ha propiciado la creación de la Oficina Conjunta Nacional, cuya sede visitó el 7 de junio junto a los directivos y responsables del programa
PHOTO/Indra - The Secretary of State for Defence, Amparo Valcarce, has promoted the creation of the National Joint Office, whose headquarters she visited on 7 June together with the programme's directors and managers

FCAS chief executive officer

The decision of the newcomer to Indra is in line with and has been approved by the Secretary of State for Defence (SEDEF), Amparo Valcarce, who, like minister Margarita Robles, never tires of repeating that the FCAS is "a State project". Its full development by 2040 aims to provide the air forces of Berlin, Madrid and Paris with a sovereign, sustainable system that meets their needs.  

The government has made 'a commitment and an investment of 2.5 billion euros to participate in the FCAS at the same level as France and Germany in phase 1B, which is currently underway', the SEDEF stresses. In line with this, the industrial sector must correspond "with a programme structure that allows it to act with a single voice in the international arena, protecting our interests and highlighting your capabilities," Valcarce emphasises. 

The measures, changes and appointments that De los Mozos has implemented have already been communicated to the senior executives of the main companies involved in the FCAS, especially Francisco Javier Sánchez Segura, Executive Vice President of Airbus in Spain; Álvaro Santodomingo, Executive Director of the Defence Business Unit of ITP Aero; and Manuel Pérez (GMV), Rafael Orbe (Sener Aeroespacial) and Lluis Furnells (Tecnobit), heads of the Satnus consortium chaired by Carlos Suárez. 

PHOTO/La France en Espagne Twitter - El director general de Armamento de Francia, Emmanuel Chiva, cuarto por la izquierda, acudió al salón FEINDEF de Madrid, donde se reunió con los responsables de Dassault Aviation
PHOTO/La France en Espagne Twitter - France's Director General for Armaments, Emmanuel Chiva, fourth from left, attended the FEINDEF exhibition in Madrid, where he met with Dassault Aviation officials

Appointed on 18 May by Indra's Board of Directors, but pending ratification by the General Shareholders' Meeting on 30 June, De los Mozos has decided to place himself "personally at the head of the programme as its chief executive". 

He is aware that his management at the head of the company will be judged by his results in the FCAS, where his prestige is at stake. That is why his first major step is to accelerate the research, technology and simulation work of phase 1B, which is due to be completed in 2026 with a technology demonstrator in flight. 

PHOTO/MDE-Marco Romero - Los ministros de Defensa de Francia, Sébastien Lecornu; España, Margarita Robles; y Alemania, Boris Pistorius, en posesión de la palabra, refrendaron su apoyo al FCAS en su reunión de Madrid del 28 de abril
PHOTO/MDE-Marco Romero - The Ministers of Defence of France, Sébastien Lecornu, Spain, Margarita Robles, and Germany, Boris Pistorius, speaking, endorsed their support for the FCAS at their meeting in Madrid on 28 April

New engineering organisation

In order to assume full responsibility for a highly complex initiative in terms of management and engineering, the newcomer to Indra and the defence industry has made a thorough search to surround himself with a small collection of new and veteran company executives.

As his right-hand man, he has chosen Sebastián Laiseca, from the company's Strategy area since 2017, who has become the head of the aforementioned Joint Office. He is seconded by Manuel Rodríguez Cerezo, director of the FCAS programme since September 2019, who carries out his function in coordination with the head of the FCAS programme, Colonel Luis Villar.

PHOTO/JPons - Uno de los pilares clave del futuro caza europeo será su nuevo motor. La sociedad española ITP Aero es el socio principal de la francesa Safran y la alemana MTU Aero Engines, sus contratistas principales
PHOTO/JPons - One of the key pillars of the future European fighter will be its new engine. The Spanish company ITP Aero is the main partner of the French company Safran and the German company MTU Aero Engines, its main contractors

De los Mozos has established a new engineering organisation, which he has placed in the hands of Miguel García Moreno, a veteran and recognised Indra professional who has taken part in many programmes and knows very well all the company's capabilities and resources. Daniel Lorenzo, who has been with Indra for more than 20 years and played an important role in the Eurofighter fighter, has been retained as Director of Business Development. 

The official constitution of the NGWS/FCAS Joint National Office comes on the same day that the Official Defence Gazette published the general guidelines of the Defence Industrial Strategy 2023, which aims to increase the level of strategic autonomy of the national defence industry in order to reduce dependence on third countries and consolidate the industrial and technological base of Defence.

PHOTO/Indra - Principales actores de la nueva etapa del FCAS: José Vicente de los Mozos (Indra); Álvaro Santodomingo (ITP Aero); Francisco Javier Sánchez Segura (Airbus), Amparo Valcarce (SEDEF), Marc Murtra (Indra); almirante Aniceto Rosique (DGAM); y Carlos Suárez (Satnus)
PHOTO/Indra - Main actors in the new phase of the FCAS: José Vicente de los Mozos (Indra); Álvaro Santodomingo (ITP Aero); Francisco Javier Sánchez Segura (Airbus), Amparo Valcarce (SEDEF), Marc Murtra (Indra); Admiral Aniceto Rosique (DGAM); and Carlos Suárez (Satnus)

It was only 40 days ago that the meeting of the defence ministers of the three governments promoting the FCAS took place in Madrid, 33 days ago that the Secretary of State for Defence held a meeting with the industry involved in the European fighter and 21 days ago that the French Director General for Armaments, Emmanuel Chiva, visited Spain, where he focused his activity on learning about the capabilities of Spain's military industrial fabric. 

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