Communiqué of the MSP on the last meeting of its Political Commission, in which it takes a position on the latest developments concerning the Sahara and the organisation

Reunión de la Comisión Política Permanente del Movimiento Saharauis por la Paz

The Permanent Political Commission of the MSP met to examine the latest developments of the Western Sahara issue, as well as the activities and programmes of the Movement in the second half of the current year.

After evaluating the work of the International Conference on Western Sahara and its political repercussions, the MSP CPP considered that the event has projected the dimension of the Movement as a new political force and project capable of influencing the course of events. It also appreciated the wave of adherence to the Movement generated by the Las Palmas Conference and the positive impact of its moderate and realistic approach to the solution of the problem as appreciated by international observers and media. 

In this respect, the Permanent Political Commission insisted on the need to reactivate and strengthen the structures and organs of the MSP at all levels to live up to the momentum and expectations resulting from the "Melga Ahel Sahara' held in the framework of the International Conference. He also expressed his gratitude to the Spanish personalities and entities that collaborated in the success of the Conference, as well as the participation of delegates, guests and sympathisers and especially to the Shiuj and Notables who honoured and enhanced the event with their presence.

With regard to the latest developments on the Sahara issue at the international level, the CPP highly appreciated the strong support given by the UN Security Council resolution 2654 to the good offices mission of the UN Secretary General's Personal Envoy, Stefan De Mistura. It also reiterated its readiness to contribute to the relaunching of the political process in Geneva, pointing out the need to open the previous format of the round table for the participation of MSP and other political actors representative of Saharawi society. 

On the other hand, the CPP expressed its sorrow and condolences for the loss of human lives in the war declared unilaterally by the Polisario, requesting the urgent intervention of the UN envoy to enforce the cease-fire and to resume, as soon as possible, the political process interrupted in Geneva three years ago.

Concerning the recent announcement made by the Polisario leadership to make reparation for past abuses and outrages against Saharawi citizens, the Political Commission recalled that the initiative follows on from the position announced by the MSP in its road map on 23 September last in Las Palmas de G. Canaria and that, in any case, it is politically insufficient and morally despicable. A first step in such a delicate dossier would be to first clear the political and judicial responsibilities and to proceed with an investigation in accordance with international human rights norms and standards. 

Finally, the highest political body of the MSP calls on its members to redouble their efforts to spread the light of the peaceful and tolerant discourse of the Movement in the face of the political and ideological radicalism of those who are committed to war and the ordeal of the Saharawi people.