The Moroccan minister advocates that the next meeting of the League should be held on a "committed" basis, despite differences

Nasser Bourita hace un llamamiento a la “responsabilidad” durante la próxima reunión de la Liga Árabe

AP/JACQUELYN MARTIN - Morocco's Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita speaks during a press conference on 29 March 2022

All countries belonging to the Arab League will participate in the next session in Algiers, scheduled for 1 and 2 November. Among them, Morocco's position and attendance stands out, since, regardless of the diplomatic crisis that Algiers is going through with Rabat, the Moroccan country will attend the Summit in order to respect "all the member states of the League", as had been planned since last April.

Thus, Algeria intends to receive a special envoy from Morocco at the next Summit. This was confirmed by the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, after it was agreed "during the meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers to hold the next Arab summit in Algeria on 1 and 2 November", affirming that "there is no truth in talking about the possibility of postponing the summit", thus dispelling the doubts about the possible postponement alleged by Egypt.


On the other hand, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita called for the next Summit to be held "on the basis of commitment to responsibility" and "far from any narrow calculation or transcendent logic".

He reiterated this during the preparation session for the upcoming Summit, calling on his counterparts to make "an objective reading of the reality of the Arab world". Bourita therefore made an analysis of the region, pointing out that the Middle East and North Africa region "finds itself today at a very difficult crossroads, which requires that we urgently overcome the obstacles that prevent the strengthening of cohesion and solidarity among our Arab countries".


He reiterated that "efforts must continue to be made to address the main political and economic issues that have been urgently placed on the Arab agenda, and which must be dealt with effectively".

For Bourita, the main problem is that "there is no common vision to confront these challenges" in a way that "preserves security, stability and the territorial and national unity of the countries". 


In this context, the Palestinian question promises to be one of the main issues to be addressed at the upcoming summit. For this reason, and in line with Morocco's commitment to Palestine, Bourita stressed the Alawite kingdom's commitment to "defend the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. The most important of these is their right to establish their independent Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, within the 1967 borders, living side by side with Israel in peace and security".

He added that the Palestinian conflict is one of the main issues on Morocco's international agenda, a concern that he describes as "real" in order to "defend the Holy City and preserve its religious, cultural, legal and historical character, as well as to improve the living conditions and the resilience of its inhabitants".

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