The American giant reaffirms its joint position with the Alawite kingdom on Moroccan sovereignty over the Saharawi territory

Estados Unidos confirma su apoyo a Marruecos por el Sáhara Occidental

REUTERS/CARLOS BERRIA - US State Department Spokesman Ned Price

"The United States has announced that there is no change in its position recognising Morocco's sovereignty over the Sahara. This remains the Administration's position," said Ned Price, spokesman for the US State Department at a press conference, as reported by the official Moroccan news agency MAP.

This decision represents a new international impetus to the Moroccan country on the proposed formula for resolving the Western Sahara conflict, which is that of regional autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty.

In recent days, the issue had taken centre stage with the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and neighbouring Spain over the Spanish government's decision to take in Brahim Ghali, head of the Polisario Front, for hospital treatment. As the Spanish government pointed out at the time, this decision was taken for humanitarian reasons, as various media reported.  

However, Morocco disagreed with this Spanish initiative and asked Spain for explanations for what it considered to be a lack of collaboration from a country considered an important partner. In addition, the Moroccan kingdom has been missing a Spanish position of unequivocal support for Morocco's position on the Saharawi conflict. 

El rey de Marruecos, Mohamed VI

US support for the Moroccan proposal for Western Sahara was sealed during the last administration of Donald Trump, who reached an understanding with the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, whereby US support for the Sahara issue was assured and the Kingdom also agreed to establish diplomatic ties with the State of Israel. 

Now comes the support of Joe Biden's new US administration, expressed through a State Department spokesman. "There is no change" on this issue, said Ned Price, showing a line of continuity in US support for Morocco. All this in the face of a proposal for an independence referendum advocated by the Polisario Front, which has little international support.