Spain blocked


Since election night I have been feeling out of place. The day after 23-J the electoral campaign continues. Five and a half years of Stalinist propaganda. We will see each other again at the polls before Christmas. Never have elections been so complex in our democracy. The people have spoken. The PP won, but cannot govern; the PSOE lost and the fugitive Carles Puigdemont has the key to keep him in the Moncloa. For how long?

We Spaniards like danger. We live, once again, on the razor's edge. We were on the edge of the abyss and we have taken a step forward. Our country has become Argentinised. Governability has become entangled and run aground.

A bitter victory for the PP, which wanted to catch the bear before it was hunted. VOX has lost 19 seats without self-criticism. SUMAR has been lost in the fog. The ever-lengthening shadow of Podemos has propped up Pedro S√°nchez.  Not only has he not lost a single seat, but he has gained two more. It has been a lesson in resilience to all of us who have fought his policies.  He has bounced back, it must be acknowledged. Spain is blocked socially, economically and politically. What now?  


A time of uncertainty 

The verdict of the ballot box is unappealable. The incumbent president is the only one who can be sworn in. But with the poisoned votes of separatists and the heirs of terrorists. The PNV's resounding no to Feij√≥o offers the citizen P√©rez-Castej√≥n the only possibility of governing Spain by abstaining Junts, the party led from Waterloo by a fugitive from justice. It's grotesque.  

The stock market has reacted downwards for two consecutive days. Logical. Shareholders need calm. Investors are fleeing.  

Uncertainty will prevent investment, job creation and the recovery from the crises of the pandemic, the war and the lies. Spain is divided into two irreconcilable blocs. Dividing is the greatest success of this dark five-year period. 

Dialogue of the deaf 

The leader of the PP offered before his followers on the balcony of Genova 13, an open dialogue to try to be invested president. The numbers do not work. He is condemned to make a pact with VOX. The activism of the media left - "you can't agree with Abascal because that would mean installing the extreme right in the Council of Ministers" - has achieved its goal. Everyone admits that S√°nchez can negotiate with five parties, including the enemies of Spain; but the Popular Party is excluded from gaining access to power. 

The Tinell pact (2003) remains as valid as ever. On election night, Pedro and Alberto spoke lightly on the phone. Nothing has transpired. Both aspire to govern. We are in a parliamentary regime. Bildu, ERC and Junts have already made it clear that they will never support the PP; in the heat of that night, they warned Dr S√°nchez that the renewal of his contract involves asking for the impossible: amnesty and a referendum on self-determination. Two proposals forbidden by the Constitution.  


The new 6 deputies/ambassadors in Madrid, from the former Batasuna, have already presented their credentials to the socialist abuser Eguiguren so that he can take them -via Bola√Īos- to the caudillo.  

Aragon√©s recalls that "the independentistas have the upper hand" and the ETA collaborator lawyer, Gonzalo Boye, threatens to break the deck if the "criminal horizon" of the coup leader Puigdemont is not "clarified before anything else". 

During the campaign, Don Alberto alternated the derogation of Sanchismo with an open hand to state pacts with the PSOE. An incongruence that, together with the rejection of VOX, has resulted in 11 million votes, insufficient to change the rhythm and pace of our country. Confusion and ambiguity do not go down well at the ballot box.  

Offering the acting president to sign new pacts of La Moncloa is not knowing this PSOE united to the communism of SUMAR, to the Catalan coup plotters, to the heirs of ETA and to the Christian Democrats of the PNV who always pick the nuts. The acting president has no way out

The proof that he cannot return to the democracy enshrined in the Magna Carta and the Transition has just been confirmed by the deputy secretary of Ferraz, Mar√≠a Jes√ļs Montero. The same woman who was tearing her hair out because the PP could vote for Tr√≠as as mayor of Barcelona, alleging that the fugitive's altar boy was pro-independence, now, in the SER, justifies it because "a large part of the people have endorsed the progressive project" embodied by their supreme leader.  

The die is cast. Pedro S√°nchez will continue to try to enjoy power by paying in advance the maximum price to his blackmailers: breaking the unity of Spain


The forgiveness of sins 

After the verdict of the Spanish people, the people have pardoned the most dangerous ruler of our democracy. After the outrages committed during five years -alone, and in the company of his Frankenstein partners-, he has gained more popular support.  

Never have we citizens been so mistreated in all directions: 45 tax hikes, colonisation of the institutions, annulment of the Cortes, abolition of the Penal Code (sedition and cheapening of embezzlement of public funds); pardon for the coup plotters of 17, despotism from the BOE, support for squatters, insults to businessmen, rapists and terrorists in the street, explicit support for not being able to study in Spanish in Catalonia, Basque Country, Valencian Community and Balearic Islands; mistreatment of the Guardia Civil, the police, justice officials, the self-employed, the countryside, livestock, hunting, bullfighting and fishing; nepotism left, right and centre, starting with Bego√Īa, opacity in European funds, corruption in the socialist parliamentary group ("Tito Berni"), convictions of Chaves and Gri√Ī√°n for the EREs in Andalusia and, in addition, the unexplained and inexplicable change in the Sahara without clarifying anything to anyone. Not even to the King. 

His lies and non-compliance are written in gold letters in the history of infamy. From that passing nightmare that "I couldn't sleep if I agreed with Podemos" to the toll on the motorways - "it's not true, it's a bull - to "yes, we signed it in Brussels, but now we are negotiating so that it won't be paid from January", his entire discourse is incompatible with the truth. He is a compulsive imposter.  

All his lies have been forgiven last Sunday without any repentance, pain of contrition or purpose of amendment. In short, we have given him a blank cheque to continue destroying and impoverishing our country. That cheque has consequences.  


Christmas elections 

With a debt of more than 1.5 trillion euros, with unemployment not falling (15%), with school failure close to 30% and with a Kingdom of Spain in international courts for not paying the interest and principal on the ZP government's solar bonds in 2009, investment will not return. We have lost credibility. Spain has always paid its debts. Until now. A group of funds has called for the Instituto Cervantes in London to be requisitioned (and sold) to guarantee their investments. Calvi√Īo is silent. And S√°nchez concedes.

We pay more than 40,000 million in interest, we have a bankrupt Social Security, pensions that cannot be paid... The progressive involution of this Executive is permanent.

And immigration, water shortages, the PHN, the abandonment of the rural world, the digital divide, fires and education... continue to be unresolved issues that nobody talked about during the election campaign.

The left focused on programming Iglesias' axiom. "The right will never govern Spain as long as the left remains united". And he has succeeded. The fear of VOX is unfounded, but it has worked. It reminds us of Felipe and Guerra's "Doberman". And you cannot live in fear. 


It was Alberto N√ļ√Īez Feij√≥o's moment and they have let him slip away. The right has obtained more than 11 million votes. An absolute majority in Rajoy's time (2011). Today, PP and VOX win, but they cannot govern. We were on the brink of the abyss and this gothic scenario puts us on the verge of hell. Who is going to invest in a Spain split in half? We are closer to Latin America than to the EU. If we continue like this, we will enter the third world.

With a PP-PSOE agreement ruled out, the alternative to the "No pasar√°n! de Ferraz, 70" and the "no to Rivera" (2019) is not that of Ayuso, Ayuso! (Genova, 13) trying to destabilise the PP leadership.  

The winner of the elections will not be able to govern, although he will have to try; the (acting) tenant of the Moncloa cannot torpedo democracy any more.  Spain is blocked and will only be unblocked after new general elections.  

The citizens' pardon of Pedro S√°nchez, forgetting such a long and dark past, is surprising. That's the way it is.  

The blackmail of his partners -including those of SUMAR- will be permanent until the independence of two regions of Spain is achieved.  


The unity of the homeland is sacred.

Nothing good can be expected from the Prime Minister. We are worse off today than on the day of reflection. If the 2018 governability agreements are reissued, Sanchismo - a regime without limits, without morals, without ethics and without brakes - will take us directly to where it always wanted to take us: to the port of civil confrontation, not to 1936 but to 1934, the real beginning of the Civil War. 

If the unity of the Nation is questioned, how long will it take to storm the Parliamentary Monarchy? Which is the real bridge and retaining wall against the Catalanist and Basque Leninist Nazis. 

I tell you; it will be done simultaneously. The Monarchy is the only common link of the Spaniards and the nation. We will go to the Third Republic with ZP as president and Don Pedro as head of the Council of Ministers. In time. 

We have allowed ourselves to be dazzled by the polls and by our illusion of a change in freedom. We have certainly failed. But we are not going to give up now; we will continue to resist.  

Antonio REGALADO runs BAH√ćA DE √ćTACA at: