The (uncivil) war of languages

Spain is burning because of its insular seams; there is not enough water to quench the thirst of the countryside and cities. Meanwhile, the country is paralyzed by the spike from Klimt Rubiales to the player Jenni Hermoso. The week before, the country froze also with Eva Amaral's tits. It is what there is.

The king settled the poisoned proposal sensibly. He has proposed the popular candidate Alberto N煤帽ez Feij贸o to be the first to undertake the investiture. He ran in the Zarzuela with 172 seats. (PP, UPN and CC), 20 more than those who endorse the acting president so far. (152 of the PSOE with Sumar and Bildu)

Francina Armengol, president of the Congress, has prolonged the agony of the PP leader until September 27. More than enough time to burn it and oxygen balloon for Pedro S谩nchez, who is already designing the new amnesty for the coup plotters - they call it penal relief - so that the president of the Constitutional Court, Candido Conde Pumpido, can bless it with the mud of the road. The simultaneous referendum in Catalonia and the Basque Country is missing. The interpreters of the Magna Carta will already come up with some creative formula. The return of Puigdemont as president in exile, after public redress and the exoneration of the corrupt Borr脿s from responsibilities is an insignificant fringe in the method of dialogue to undermine the constitutional framework.

Actually, we are in the final stretch of the KAS Alternative (Koordinadora Abertzale Sozialista of August 18, 1976) in which HB demanded to participate in democratic life. This was the price: total amnesty for the prisoners, the return of the exiles, the departure of the Police and the Civil Guard from the Basque Country, improvement of the conditions of the working class and national sovereignty. Starting in 2004 and after dozens of murders, Zapatero promoted the philosophy of surrender that has come down to Bildu. KAS admitted ETA as an armed wing, HB as a political arm, Jarrai as a youth branch, LAB as a trade union and pro-amnesty Managers as a defender of imprisoned terrorists. This power scheme has not been broken. All that remains is to achieve sovereignty.

The unity of action between Junqueras and Otegui to bend the State became flesh in Perpignan after Carod-Rovira's meeting with the terrorists 鈥淛osu Ternera鈥 and 鈥淎ntza鈥, the organization committing itself to 鈥渘ot to attack in Catalonia鈥 (2004) This is the story of which we have already written the penultimate chapter.

The strategy for this XV Legislature is clear: to achieve the separatist objectives: the right to decide and amnesty. What will the PSOE and the PSE get out of all this in a clean way? Why are they leading the process now? Because the separatists (ERC, Junts, PNV and Bildu) are going to make it possible in seven years for Doctor S谩nchez to commemorate the centenary of the First Republic (2031) and that same April 14th, with or without a referendum, the Third Republic will be proclaimed.

The procedure is the same as in 1933. Delegitimize the right, prevent them from governing by manipulating the elections including those of February 36 and adopt sibylline formulas like those of the Tinell Pact, still in force since December 14, 2003. Fractionate and divide.

The left always wins. Then 鈥渢he rupture of the glorious History of Spain鈥 (Lerroux) will be confirmed and we are in those. Before PP and now VOX are the stinkers.

The methodology is simple: first the entire presence of the state in Catalonia is erased (from the language to the ESF and the Post Office) and at the same time the Constitution of '78 is trashed as obsolete and Francoist. Dismantling the Transition is the goal until 2027. Plurinational Spain must be established by decree. We are entering constituent time. There will be no Frankenstein government 2. What we will have in the autumn is a Popular Front like the one created in January 1936.

Allow me to retract my last Bay. He ended up asking for a repeat of the elections already. S谩nchez has already lent 4 deputies to Junts and add 2 to ERC to form a parliamentary group. Money and visibility in Congress. Who is going to give up the chairmanship of the group, the secretary and the advisers? PNV and Bildu will be protected by the same fraud of law. There will be no elections on January 14. It is an advance payment on account of the price that PS-Castej贸n is willing to pay to stay at La Moncloa. After all, we all pay for it.

Sowing on stony ground

The decision of Felipe VI explained in the statement of the Royal House is impeccable. Waiting for a second round would have been suicidal. This year is politically lost. Feij贸o has fulfilled the dream of being nominated candidate. It is missing four seats in the first round and four abstentions in the second.

There is no more PSOE than Sanchismo. Ergo, there is no possibility of reaching any agreement now or in the future. A month after the general elections, Don Pedro has neither congratulated the winner of the elections nor intends to meet with him. He has already chosen a side and a flag. The progressive bloc. In other words, permanent involution.

The popular leader has two weeks ahead to prepare a strong and coherent speech that will inspire the staff, disappointed by the errant strategy of his silences and by the plurality of approaches of his spokespersons. Can't everyone say the same thing and in the same words? To anticipate that they are going to ask S谩nchez questions like these in the investiture speech is a crime: do you prefer Just or us? To Bildu or to us? Well, they've already seen it. The government prefers Barabbas. We have to be naive; naive or idiots to say that they are going to talk to Puigdemont... because it is a democratic group where one, two, ten... militants participated in the 1-0 coup. Will they travel to Waterloo to present the proposals to you?

Bildu has been excluded. Okay. What are they going to offer to ERC that refuses to receive them? Have you asked the Catalan PP? Too many inconsistencies.

After the four public humiliations of the PNV in less than a week, what are they going to give them to abstain: to break the single social security fund? Modify the secret quota quota so that we pay him 1000 million a year? Have they not noticed that they govern with the PSE in the Government of Vitoria and in several mayoralties and Deputations? The PNV has disloyalty as its supreme value. The Christian Democrats are direct heirs of Brutus - have they forgotten the betrayal of Rajoy?- and, therefore, they are not going to give them a ticket to the Moncloa. to the Moncloa.

Finally, to appeal to the transfuguism of four socialist deputies is shameless. Especially when S谩nchez has formed a Praetorian Parliamentary Group. The PP and its strategists live in inopia.

Before the 7th, Murcia must find a way out of the closure of the acting President L贸pez Miras and reach an agreement with VOX. Is he going to show up to the investiture session mandated by the King with the open wound of an election call? There is no time or internal alternation but the Galician must strengthen his leadership. As always - except for SEA time - the PP has a problem with communication. Having several spokespersons (Bendodo, Gonz谩lez Pons, Semper, Navarro Gamarra or Carmen Funes) confuses militants, voters and sympathizers. There is a lack of an Idea Factory that functions 24 hours a day, every day of the week. They have an expert at home: Cayetana 脕lvarez de Toledo. Call her.

Babel and oaths

The assault of languages on Congress is a torpedo on the waterline of art. 3 of the Spanish Constitution. "Spanish is the official language of the state.鈥 The nationalists have struck at the heart of unity. We will hear in the temple of national sovereignty that "Castilian is the language of Castile". They will impose their simultaneous translations, as announced by Francina Armengol, a president who has already called for a referendum to abolish the Monarchy and who has viciously persecuted Spanish in the Balearic Islands throughout her term.

It is curious that those who ban Spanish in their autonomous Communities now want to impose their own in the heart of democracy. Let's get ready to combine the new 鈥減lurinational agenda鈥 with the 2030 agency: everyone poorer and happier. Straight to the misery of totalitarianism.

The Rules of Procedure of the Chamber will be loaded, they will hire more than fifty Catalan, Basque, and Galician translators and will allow the excluded (Valencian, Aranese, Aragonese, Benasqu茅s, bable, Andalusian, Canarian, castuo, Murcian, Romani, Cantabrian, eanoviego (Galician-Asturian), fala, silbo gomero, and Tamazigh or rife帽o) to take up arms -dialectically speaking - and demand to be heard in their vernacular language.

The objective is as simple as it is perverse: to delegitimize the official language and to annul in fact and in law that 鈥渁ll Spaniards have the duty to know it and the right to use it.鈥

The promises or oaths of compliance with the Magna Carta have been diluted like sugar in a carajillo. It began in the time of President Felix Pons who did not admit the batasuna formula 鈥渂y legal imperative鈥. And the TC disavowed him.

The oaths or promises of this latest edition, both in the Lower and Upper House, are psychiatric provocations. The EC swears the same 鈥渦ntil the republic arrives", that "for the oppressed peoples in the ice age". Anything goes. The institutional deterioration does not stop. And the TC has yet to get to the bottom of the matter. With how brave it is to answer: "Yes, I swear or yes I promise." Otherwise, the full status of senator/deputy is not obtained and there is no charge.

I do not think that the heroic members of the Court of Guarantees consecrate this principle of constitutional loyalty because they are only faithful, for the vast majority, to Sanchismo.

The image of the Andalusian Montilla speaking in Catalan in the Commission of Autonomies of the Senate and listening with the pinganillo to the then Minister Ch谩ves, also Andalusian, is one of the most sublime scenes lived in the Palace of the Spanish Navy.

This language war is lost with such a sectarian president. Queens of the World

Thirteen and forty years and one day later, after Andr茅s Iniesta's historic goal in Johannesburg that led us to glory, Olga Carmona repeated the feat in Sydney and we stormed the skies of the planet football again. Holland and England were left in the gutter. Two feats comparable to the discovery of the New World and the writing of Don Miguel's Don Quixote.

And Queen Letizia and Princess Sofia were there, on the grass with the Spanish national team. Our girls have become the queens of the world world. "Let the Queen go!鈥, "Que bote la Reina"! the ball doctors were screaming. And the Queen and the princess threw away. It was worth the trip.

How not to remember the screw kiss of Iker Casillas to the journalist Sara Carbonero. After the "me too鈥, the progressives of this country have baited with the beak of the president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales to the player Jenni Hermoso. Rubiales has castled with its 75 assembly members. The champion has given him checkmate by asking for exemplary measures for an unacceptable act. But "El Rubi鈥 has said five times, five times: "I'm not resigning!鈥

More serious has been the obscene touching of his cataplins next to Queen Letizia and the FIFA president. What did Gianni Infantino say? He has opened an information file for you. And what about UEFA? Less than nothing. The mafia's code of honor is silence. Always to hide the corruption. Blatter, Platini, Ceferin, Pablo-Pablito-Pablete or Villar are examples of that permanent corruption of which the truhan don Luis is the most outstanding student.

He has appealed to victimhood. The pico was consensual and the touching of his gold "guevos", an uncontrollable by the euphoria of the moment. "Do they kick me out after I've done the best management in history?"Al Capone went to jail for evading taxes, not for the murders he committed. It's all a conspiracy, but the spike wasn't consensual. "It's a social murder鈥" the boss insists. With a couple. By the way, the salary of the coach goes up.

Rubiales is a typical product of Andalusian socialist corruption; his father has been mayor of Motril and is on trial in the ERE. It comes from caste to the greyhound. Rubiales-son spied on ministers, journalists, looked the other way with the scandal of the Negreira case, the conversations with his soul friend Gerard Piqu茅 for taking the Super Cup to Arabia for succulent commissions were spread, he got a scandalous salary (675,000 euros per year and 3,000 more per month to live on rent in an attic near the Parque del Oeste. He collects another 250,000 euros from FIFA. And what about UEFA?

More item: he traveled with public money to New York, organized some working days in Salobre帽a with good female companies, was denounced by his own uncle in the Royal Federation for alleged embezzlement and acted from the first day with arrogance, chulery and nepotism in the appointments of his collaborators. As it is.

The new caliph bought the regional presidents with a minimum salary of 100,000 euros and distributed the manna of television rights like a great chieftain. A dangerous guy is on the loose.

He unapologetically supported Sanchez's election campaigns. That was where his impunity lay. In a wp he asks the president: "Pedro, do you think I deserve this?鈥

But the Andalusian Klimt was caught by a simple kiss. Already the acting president greeted him coldly in Moncloa. The bully of barra is reluctant to resign and it will not be easy to dismiss him. The Higher Sports Council could disqualify him for a few months so that he can run again for the elections in October next year. Win them and start over. The Prosecutor's Office is studying the case. Bad business.

All those who did not lift a finger when the PSOE and Sumar released the rapists, have asked for their resignation. Amaral's tits were a foretaste of her cancellation. The damage that this scoundrel has done to the Spain Brand, overshadowing the victory of our world champions, would deserve to spend ten years in hell telling his exploits to the inventor of perspex.

Why has this rude and rude guy reached the top of the football world? Because he has no scruples and has corrupted the entire system to the core. It was enough that this alpha male was pointed out by Minister Iceta - who was silent as a dead man in the purchase of referees by Barcelona - for his star to begin to fade. But it was Don Pedro's contemptuous greeting in Moncloa that set off all the alarms. "He has to take steps鈥" the Caesar said.

As almost always, the effort of athletes is diluted by a band of incapable leaders. Feminism is the new religion. And with Yolanda, Irene, Belarra and Echenique we have bumped into.

They have denounced the aforementioned but not Oltra and Armengol who allowed the prostitution of minors in public centers and even the rape of a young woman by the husband of the former Valencian vice president.Why did the acting vice president protect an associate of hers accused of pedophilia for more than two years? Ah! The law of the funnel.

Let us remember the uproar of the threats of the 鈥渘avajita plate谩鈥 (Reyes Maroto) and the 鈥渂lank鈥 bullets to the then Vice President Iglesias and Minister Marlasca. Lies.

Banners with the head of Abascal as a target for assassination are displayed at parties in Bilbao, but that is freedom of expression. And no one rips their clothes. It is the double standard of the immorality of the left.

Our congratulations to the world champions that we extend to our "marchadores" in 20 and 35 kilometers, Mar铆a P茅rez and 脕lvaro Mart铆n, with double world gold in Budapest.

At the closing

We admire the temerity of the president of the RFEF who feels abandoned by S谩nchez; you are not the first and you will not be the last. Sanchez is only loyal to himself. The Higher Sports Council wants to take the complaints to the TAD (Administrative Sports Tribunal). Rubiales has faced the new feminist inquisition. And it will end up at the stake. It's a corpse. It must be hard to lose so much power and so much salary all at once because of his golden cataplins. Admittedly, his supporters were enthusiastic.

Putin does not pay traitors. Evgeny Progpozhin, head of Wagner, the group of mercenaries who have mercilessly ravaged and murdered thousands of Ukrainians and Africans, has been murdered. The leadership of his army was traveling with him. His plane went down on fire halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Kremlin says it knows nothing. A warning to the Russian civilian and military leaders.

The mugshot of former President Donald Trump confirms that no one in the United States is above the law. He has been booked into an Atlanta jail accused, along with several collaborators, of trying to steal the presidential election. Maybe it will be his best passport to win next year's.

For the rest, neither the government nor the opposition can agree so that we quench our thirst, put out the fires and put an end to this truce-trap of investitures. The regional war of languages has just begun. We have a language that 500 million citizens speak - Chinese wants to implement it as a second language and we, returning to the tribe. We will have a new civil war and Sanchismo for a while.

Antonio REGALADO directs ITHACA BAY in: