Greener policy faces the gas lobby

La política más verde se enfrenta al lobby del gas

On the last day of 2021, the European Union launched the possibility of classifying gas and nuclear energy as sustainable. These words have stirred up controversy and aroused great unease even in the European Parliament.
The nuclear debate has been on the table for years. Nuclear energy had its moment of success, but since its environmental problems began to be seen, due to its risk and especially due to waste management, it began to collapse. 

The obligation of a cleaner planet that would also serve for future generations made it necessary to make an energy transition towards renewable energies. The same went for coal and gas, all of which had to be banished.
The European Union's announcement of its intention to classify nuclear energy and gas as sustainable has raised the hackles of environmentalists, scientists, specialists and also politicians and parliamentarians who have been fighting for a cleaner world for years.

The "green" political parties have launched a collection of signatures that has exceeded 100,000 in a few hours. Society does not want neither gas, nor nuclear forced to be considered sustainable. Moreover, it is known to be expensive and is causing serious geopolitical problems even with deaths as we are seeing these days in Kazakhstan.

The decision of the European Union will have very serious consequences. Banks, investment funds and economic groups in general will receive subsidies for gas and nuclear energy, at the same level as wind or solar energy, since it would be in the same classification label. MEPs are clear: "Electricity generation from nuclear and gas is not sustainable. Therefore, nuclear power and gas should not be classified as sustainable investments under the EU taxonomy!".

Some Spanish university professors of great academic prestige and recognized trajectory have not hesitated to take up arms. Eloy Sanz, Researcher and Professor of Energy Technologies and Renewable Energies has been clear on Twitter and has also promoted the collection of signatures, as well as the renowned scientist and popularizer Fernando Valladares who has also shown his opinion in the press.

High energy prices are falling victim to the rising price of gas, an energy vector that will make us even more hostage on the morning of the political and economic interests of some countries and some companies that are seeing their portfolio increase in this harsh winter for domestic and business economies that depend on it.

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