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El presidente del Gobierno español y candidato del Partido Socialista (PSOE) a la reelección, Pedro Sánchez, gesticula tras las elecciones generales españolas en la sede del PSOE en Madrid, el 23 de julio de 2023 - PHOTO/AFP/JAVIER SORIANO
Pedro Sanchez gestures after the Spanish general election at the PSOE headquarters in Madrid, July 23, 2023 - PHOTO/AFP/JAVIER SORIANO

Many of my friends, colleagues, relatives and various people who read and follow me regularly object to the fact that I often show excessive persecutory mania towards the person, figure, actions and statements of the Spanish President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

To be honest, I will say that he is not a person who gives me an iota of confidence or who offers any kind of sympathy or credibility. He is someone I find cloying to the point of nausea, arrogant, false, a liar and a tremendous autocrat and, therefore, very narcissistic; so his egocentrism and self-esteem are elevated to the maximum power. But my anger is not focused on his peculiar and not at all encouraging or exemplary way of being or governing; it lies in the fact that he constantly launches messages, news, hoaxes or statements that leave both Tyrians and Trojans silent, thoughtful and dumbfounded at the very least, not to say, totally stupefied and dumbfounded.   

He avoids any kind of responsibility or justification for his personal actions or those of his government and party and, whenever he can, he tries to lay them on the shoulders of others, even if they have been part of his own praetorian guard or have helped him to rise to positions once unimaginable for a mediocre economics professor and a political idiot of the last rank, who got there by chance, on the rebound and by chance. A person who owes his entire career, titles and curriculum vitae to external favours, various connections, the perfect cultivation of profitable cronyism or the fact of knowing how to place himself in the right place at the most opportune moment. That he bases his success on his appearance or cockiness - even in his disdainful gait - and on a kind of bland and inopportune verbal wit that captures the attention and favours of a large part of the electorate and of some other poor politicians abroad, mainly in the EU.

He does not hesitate to conceal his sinister intentions, even if they are being forged at the moment, by unscrupulous and conscienceless people of very low rank and condition. People who, as has been demonstrated recently, have a dubious background and no moral or intellectual training; who act as plumbers, carpenters, painters and whatever else is needed, as long as their manoeuvres and acts, lawful or not, result in a position of advantage for the person they idolise because, among other things, they know that under their umbrella they will not lack bread, or the obscure wealth or succulent political or labour influences that will come to them by decree or by a simple choice of their beloved leader whom they serve with idolatry and obsessive complacency. 

Someone who maintains his position as President of the Government despite the fact that he has lost all the latest elections - including the last general elections - due to his lack of scruples, capacity to lie and ease in "changing his mind"; who neither hesitates nor hesitates to make his own all the ignominious pacts and agreements brought to the table by his less than exemplary henchmen to sign and ratify with each and every one of Spain's worst enemies, even though he knows for a fact because he has defended it in the past that such putrid agreements will only bring enormous costs, huge and fetid cessions, numerous divisions among Spaniards and, what is worse, the partition of Spain, as the new attempt in the Catalan Parliament, his companions in fatigues, inventions and adventures, soon to be followed by the Basques and Navarrese and a few others, have just recognised; because, unsuccessfully, he tried in Galicia last week.

His dirty track record and despicable political skills have been so varied that all kinds of fiddles and tricks are to be expected and, therefore, nobody is frightened anymore, neither in Spain nor outside it, although it is true that in both scenarios there are still several millions of deceived people left, fully convinced or grateful stomachs who, incredibly and abjectly, continue to dance to his tune, looking the other way while our homeland, economy and society are bleeding to death, so much so that they are ready to collapse.  

If, as I say, nothing scares us any more about this individual in "his arena and his politics", at least we cannot and should not be afraid of him; at the very least, we cannot and should not overlook the fact that, in full use of his powers or attributions and capacities by virtue of his position, he uses the loudspeakers of official statements on the occasion of a state trip - even if it was useless, empty of content, forced at the last minute and exclusively to pay homage to the Moroccan Sultan - to offend, lie, insult, insult, slander, denigrate and defame a person, without any political office, for the mere fact of being the brother of the president of the Community of Madrid and, furthermore, to do so ostentatiously lying by assuring that "his case of corruption has gone unpunished, without investigation or trial"; when this matter, as everyone knows, has been investigated by two special prosecutors in Spain and the EU and, in both cases, was dismissed for lack of evidence or inconsistency.

All this vomitous rubbish or filth, again set in motion, by a disgusting fan, usually appears in the mouth of Sánchez, his mariachis and related media when the PSOE and the boys or girls of his entourage and circle of trust appear involved, splashed or implicated in a serious and direct way in dirty and important cases of corruption and, then, it is the easiest thing for the "adalachis" to do, the easiest thing for the "champion of the fight against corruption" - as he proclaimed himself in the obscure and abject motion of censure that brought him to power with the help of the usual traitors, who tend to sell out to the highest bidder - is to set it in motion to distract people, to give time for the bad times to pass and, as the classic saying goes, to slander that there is something left. 

I firmly believe and, as a good Spaniard, I demand that this unreliable and very despicable person be brought before the courts for these and other abject and slanderous statements and for all the other falsehoods that come out of his lie-making machine on a daily basis and which emanate from his mouth or are chanted in his entourage with impunity.

That is why I agree with Mrs Ayuso that, "I LIKE FRUIT".

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