Burning of a Holy Quran in Sweden

photo_camera Holy Quran

A wave of indignation is sweeping the Muslim world after the burning of a Holy Quran in Sweden in recent days. 

As a Muslim Ahmadi born and living in Spain, I would like to make the following considerations regarding the burning of a Holy Quran near a mosque in Sweden. 

Allowing hurting the feelings of others is neither democracy nor freedom of conscience. Any act that insults sacred persons or Sacred Books of any religion is not considered freedom in any way. Apparently, when one advocates democracy and freedom of speech, and at the same time plays with the feelings of others; how can this constitute a democratic act or an expression of freedom of speech? Everything has a limit and a code of conduct. If this is the freedom we pride ourselves on, this freedom will not lead us to progress, but to decline. 

Today, the Western world has no interest in religion. Most are imbued with the attractions of this world, that, whatever their religion, Islam or Christianity or any other, they feel nothing towards it, and have abandoned religious teachings. Most have lost the sense of the sanctity of religion.  

It is questioned in the West why certain Muslims react so violently to these provocations. We forget that a few years ago, the film "The Last Temptation of Christ" provoked widespread protests and condemnation because it depicted the holy Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) with a woman in a questionable manner. 14 people were injured when a group of Catholics threw Molotov cocktails at the Saint Michel cinema in Paris. On the one hand, there are some people in the West who would not tolerate the defamation of their religious feelings; and yet, at the same time, Muslims are expected to tolerate the burning of a Holy Quran.  

Flag burning or vandalism will not establish the honour of the Holy Quran. Those who consider themselves Muslims, whether they are Ahmadis, Shias or Sunnis or belong to any other community of Islam, when our Holy Book is attacked, instead of showing momentary passion by burning flags, causing damage and vandalism and attacking embassies, we should reform our internal conduct, so that no one has the opportunity to reproach us. Is setting fires the way to show our respect for the Holy Quran, and that by burning flags or storming embassies we will justify our retaliation? No! We are followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him), who came to the world to put out fires, being the ambassador of love and the prince of peace.  

Instead of acting violently, we must make the true teachings of the Holy Quran known to the West. Muslim or self-styled Muslim countries must first reform their internal conduct, and adopt customs and reactions that show the world the high status and generous ways of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon him), who was the one who first put into practice the true teachings of the Holy Quran: a message of love and peace for all mankind. This is the correct and most appropriate reaction for a believer.  

As a Muslim Ahmadi, this is what I am trying to do. This article is one more of my efforts to make the true teachings of the Holy Quran known to the Spanish people, one of my people.