Three musical performances on 13, 14 and 15 July

Concert series 'Blas Infante and his music. Flamenco, classical and Andalusian'

The Three Cultures Foundation, in collaboration with the Andalusian Studies Centre, is organising three concerts in which the musical collection of slate records from Blas Infante's library will be recovered.

The Casa de la Alegría, Blas Infante's family home in Coria del Río, houses 46 slate records. Its bibliographic and musical collections related to flamenco, the range of music from North Africa, some songs from Hispanic folklore, Latin American music, classical music and what is considered "exotic music", allow us to approach and deepen our knowledge of the memory of the Father of the Andalusian Homeland.

To continue with the study of his legacy and coinciding with the birth of Blas Infante (Casares, 5 July 1885), the Andalusian Studies Centre Foundation (CENTRA) is organising the concert series Blas Infante and his music. Flamenco, classical and Andalusian. Comprising three events, to be held on 13, 14 and 15 July at the Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation (Calle Max Planck 2, Isla de La Cartuja, Seville), the series recovers the music from Blas Infante's record collection kept in his personal library.

This initiative complements the research work Fondo discográfico y legado musical de Blas Infante en la Casa de la Alegría de Coria del Río carried out, at the request of the CENTRA Foundation, by Dr. Manuela Cortés García, retired professor in the Department of History and Science of Music at the University of Granada, as well as a full member of the Andalusian Academy of History since 2017.

The author stresses the importance of his musical legacy "in verifying the wide range of music of oral tradition in the plurality that it encompasses" and highlights the "surprising work of selection and the variety of them, (cultured, popular, ethnic, religious and Sufi), taking into account the scarce information that was available at the time". For Cortés, this legacy "offers us his tastes, curiosities and musical and bibliographical concerns, facets that denote the restless character of the humanist and the intellectual avid for new knowledge".

Calendar of concerts

The concert series 'Blas Infante and his music. Flamenco, classical and Andalusian' has the collaboration of the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean, as well as the El Legado Andalusí Foundation, the Baremboim-Said Foundation and the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco.

Admission to the three concerts is free, although seating is limited. Those interested in attending must register in advance on the website of the Andalusian Studies Centre or the Museum of Andalusian Autonomy to reserve their place. The concerts will begin at 21:00 and access to the facilities will be available one hour beforehand, from 20:00.

The concerts will also be broadcast in streaming. Those interested in watching the broadcast have the option of registering online and will receive an email with the link to the start of the activity.

* Wednesday, 13 July. Classical music concert

The first of the concerts is dedicated to classical music and has been organised in collaboration with the Barenboim-Said Foundation, as two of its students, Olga García Rodríguez and Luis del Ojo Sánchez, will give a piano recital.

Among the pieces to be performed are Glinka's "Alouette" and "Elegy", together with other musical pieces by composers contemporary to the Father of the Andalusian Homeland, such as Suite Iberia "El Albaicín" by Isaac Albéniz, Spanish pieces by Manuel de Falla, Goyescas by Enrique Granados and preludes by George Gershwin and Claude Debussy, among others.

* Thursday, 14 July. Flamenco concert

In this concert, organised in collaboration with the Andalusian Flamenco Institute, the cantaor Jeromo Segura, accompanied by the guitarist Álvaro Mora, will play the musical pieces of this genre contained in Blas Infante's slate records.

Tracks such as the fandangos "Las lágrimas del querer", performed by José Cepero, and "Y lo llevo a mucha gala", by Niño de la Rosa Fina. Also fandanguillos mineros and serranas by Antonio Grau, the peteneras "Soy como aquel fiel peregrino", by Canario de Colmenar, and rondeñas and javeras by Mochuelo, among others.

* Friday, 15 July. Concert of Andalusian music

This concert of Andalusian music will be conducted by the group Al Angham, made up of Fathi Ben Yakoub (violin), Youssef Mezgueldi (kanun), Mouhssine Koraichi (lute), Khalid Ahaboune Khali (percussion), Habiba Chaouf (voice) and Pilar Alonso (guitar).

Several musical pieces of this genre contained in Blas Infante's slate records, by authors and performers such as Mahlen Abel Errahmane Zouiten, Laho Seror "Neklabat", Si Hassen Ben Amran, Mohamed El Kamouri - K`Sida D`Aicha, Mansour Ben Mohamed - Kass El Mahna and Cheloumou Souiri - Moulat El Ghana, among others, will be performed.

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