The exhibition organised by the two entities serves as a journey through the figure and literary work of the Chilean writer

The Embassy of Chile in Athens and the Cervantes Institute offer an exhibition on Gabriela Mistral

photo_camera Gabriela Mistral

The Embassy of Chile in Athens, Greece, and the Cervantes Institute are organising an exhibition on the writer Gabriela Mistral, who was the first literary figure from Latin America to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

The exhibition, which will run from 15 September to 16 October, is a journey through the personality, environment and literary work of the great Gabriela Mistral, who, in her Nobel Prize acceptance speech in 1945, defined herself to the world as the "daughter of a new people", the Chilean people. 

Gabriela MistralGabriela Mistral is undoubtedly the most notable poet in Chilean literature and one of the most renowned in Latin America, and is considered one of the leading figures in universal women's poetry. In recognition of her work, in 1945 she won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first awarded to a Latin American author.

In her speech at the ceremony, Gabriela Mistral greeted the King of Sweden, defining herself as "daughter of a new people", a phrase that gives this exhibition its name.

This exhibition presents the path to the top of the Nobel Prize. The years leading up to her award were marked by the painful experience of World War II and the loss of loved ones.

Gabriela Mistral began her diplomatic work in Europe and Latin America in the 1930s, while at the same time Latin American literary circles promoted her candidacy for the Nobel Prize, culminating in her winning the prize in 1945.

The exhibition sheds light on various aspects of his literary work and his diplomatic life. Unpublished photographs give a better picture of Gabriela Mistral, her environment and her literary work.

Submitted by José Antonio Sierra, Hispanismo advisor.