The event held on 3 February featured the participation of Claudia Luna Palencia and the ensemble of musicians from Concerto Málaga led by the virtuosity of José Manuel Gil de Gálvez.

Exultant night of poetry and classical music in Malaga

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Malaga continues to add up in culture: on 3 February, the night at the Sala Unicaja de Conciertos María Cristina was filled with the profound poetry of the Spanish-Mexican writer and journalist Claudia Luna Palencia and the mastery of the ensemble of musicians from Concerto Málaga, led by the virtuosity of José Manuel Gil de Gálvez. 

It was a night full of emotions for the audience, whose tickets went to benefit the Málaga Ilusión Lions Club, presided over by the always active May Ramírez.

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The finale was provided by Nadiia Yurko, a masterful Ukrainian opera singer who is trying to make her way in Spain, after leaving her native country, which is suffering from the Russian invasion. 
"It has been a spectacular evening that all of us who have attended have thoroughly enjoyed. It is clear that you have done it from the heart and in a very generous way", May told the audience. 

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In just over sixty minutes of concert time, the audience enjoyed the concert "Amore Mío", dedicated to love in all its nuances, whose poetry written by Luna Palencia pushed the audience to the limit to such an extent that several of those in attendance reported having their skin crawling and their emotions exposed. 
The staging was delicately staged with the subtlety of the musical pieces played with the artistry of exceptional musicians such as Gil de Gálvez himself on violin; Juan Pablo Gamarro, on piano; as well as Alejandro Manzano from Granada on violin.

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Each piece of music was enjoyed to the full by an audience ready to be carried away by the sonata of "Claro de Luna Debussy" which accompanied the poem "Una melodía para dos“. 
The sensitivity of the pen of Luna Palencia, correspondent of Mexican media in La Moncloa, at the time highlighted by Diario Sur and Revista Atalayar, was once again evident in her poem "Los abrazos rotos" written in the midst of confinement.

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The author brought three girls on stage with three white candles, while she recited the poem with emotion in her heart; each candle was a reminder of illusion, hope and peace.  This reading was accompanied by the melody "Thais" masterfully interpreted by Gil de Gálvez. 
The concert "Amore Mio" aims to become a classic, year after year, to celebrate love and generosity: two bastions that represent the values of the Málaga Ilusión Lions Club family whose daily social work helps many people.