Thursday 21 December

Flamenco sounds at Christmas in the Fundación Tres Culturas: Lole Montoya and José del Valle in concert

The show entitled 'Luz y Palabra' (Light and Word) is composed by the artists Lole Montoya and José del Valle. It is a journey through the musical work of Lole Montoya, focusing on the songs that add to her unmistakable voice a poetic content that restored lyricism to Flamenco and changed it forever. In this revision, Lole returns to her original format of guitar and voice, recovering the original delicacy of her first period. For this, she counts on José del Valle, who with his personal touch brings a renewed vision of this music that is the living history of Andalusian culture.

Lole Montoya is undoubtedly one of the most representative figures of today's Flamenco. For more than 20 years she formed an artistic partnership with the guitarist Manuel Molina, and as "Lole and Manuel" they started a revolution in flamenco music that continues to this day. Her legacy and her mark on Andalusian culture are difficult to surpass, as well as her influence on the generations of cantaoras who have followed her.

Guitar accompaniment and arrangements by José del Valle, guitarist and composer with extensive experience in large-scale musical performances, such as La Cuadra de Sevilla, Coro UrbanVoices, (based in Nantes and with more than a thousand voices, it is the largest stable choir in the world), the Orquesta Andalusí de Tetuán, among others.

Registration is essential at THIS LINK from Friday 15 at 13.00 h.