The aim is to promote dialogue and understanding between Spain and the United Kingdom

The Cervantes Institute and the British Council extend their collaboration with a new agreement

PHOTO/INSTITUTO CERVANTES/MIGUEL ALCALDE - Philippe Robertet (Instituto Cervantes), Thy Nowak-Tran (British Council Europa), Carmen Noguero (Instituto Cervantes), Lucy Watkins (British Council Europa), Sylvia Edvinson (British Council España) y Luis Marina (Instituto Cervantes), junto a la puerta de la Caja de las Letras
photo_camera PHOTO/INSTITUTO CERVANTES/MIGUEL ALCALDE - Philippe Robertet (Cervantes Institute), Thy Nowak-Tran (British Council Europe), Carmen Noguero (Cervantes i Institute), Lucy Watkins (British Council Europe), Sylvia Edvinson (British Council Spain) and Luis Marina (Cervantes Institute), next to the door of the Caja de las Letras

The Cervantes Institute and its UK counterpart, the British Council, have renewed their collaboration agreement with a new memorandum of understanding. The aim is to strengthen bilateral dialogue and encourage joint work between the two institutions, which are dedicated to the promotion of the Spanish and English languages, respectively, and cultural cooperation. 

This memorandum - the second to be signed by both parties - seeks to expand the framework of cooperation between the two countries in the field of cultural diplomacy. In addition, it gives continuity, in the post-Brexit context, to the collaboration that began in 2019, the year in which the first joint work agreement was signed. 

Now the understanding is being extended in areas such as the arts, language, education, intercultural dialogue, research and the creative industries, improving shared knowledge for development and innovation. 

In the framework of the new memorandum, officials from both parties held the first working meeting at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute. The Cervantes Secretary General, Carmen Noguero, the Academic Director, Carmen Pastor, and the Director and Deputy Director of International Relations, Luis Marina and Philippe Robertet, respectively, took part in the meeting. 

The regional director of the British Council Europe, Lucy Watkins, led the visiting delegation, accompanied by its financial director, Thy Nowak-Tran, and the acting director of the British Council Spain, Sylvia Edvinson. 

Sent by Jos√© Antonio Sierra, Hispanismo advisor. 

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