The conference will be held in Arabic and Spanish

Three Cultures Foundation organises the International Congress "Arabic Poetry: Visions, Dreams and Achievements"

Programa del Congreso Internacional organizado por Fundación Tres Culturas
Programme of the International Congress organised by Fundación Tres Culturas

The Institute for Epistemological Studies Europe -Brussels-, together with the Advanced Studies Research Centre, in collaboration with the Three Cultures Foundation of the Mediterranean, is organising the international conference Arab Poetry: Visions, Reveries and Achievements. 

In our time, it seems that the poetic vision has been reduced, in many modern Arab poets, to its (indisputable) aesthetic dimension, while its reflective sphere, i.e. Poetics with a capital 'Poetics', has been overlooked. 

It is here, in the Poetics, that the imagined and the approaches to life, power, writing, beliefs and the way of life are intertwined. In short: where immersion in all that it means to be human takes place. 

This international conference will be held in Seville on 15 and 16 February at the headquarters of the Three Cultures Foundation. Over the course of these two days, numerous intellectuals, writers, poets and researchers will meet to exchange innovative reflections on Arab poetry. 

Free admission with prior registration at THIS LINK.