DogeCoin (DOGE) is a decentralised digital currency, with a strong foundation of peer-to-peer technology and a tight-knit, meme-loving online community

Best Cryptos That Show Potential For Prosperous Investment Returns: DogeCoin, VeChain and Dogetti

The current state of the crypto market shows indications of bullish sentiment. This means that things are on the come up, and now is the perfect time to build your knowledge of some of the best options that are available in this deep and intriguing gulf that is cryptocurrency. While investors are always on the lookout for the next best thing, it can be intimating for novice investors to dip their toes in the ever-flowing stream of digital currency. If you want to grow your bank, and nurture your own flowing streams of passive income, you should definitely look into these three promising digital currencies that are impressing experienced investors and newbies alike. Read more to find out


DogeCoin: Accumulation Antics

DogeCoin (DOGE)  is a decentralised digital currency, with a strong foundation of peer-to-peer technology and a tight-knit, meme-loving online community. What started out as a whim for creators Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, soon became an online phenomenon that swept investors off their feet with its success. According to recent reports, one of the biggest wallets on the DogeCoin network has added 10,215,567 DOGE tokens, which is worth approximately $899,481 USD. This signals an accumulation trend between experienced investors who see the long-term financial potential, including a potential price increase, of the meme token. This is very reassuring, as it shows that investors have confidence in the once satirical, now extremely viable, cryptocurrency token. Whether or not this will lead to a price increase is yet to be seen, but this accumulation trend is certainly attracting investors to put money into the token and is a major development for the DogeCoin network. The token is currently trading in a range of $0.088-$0.87 and its current market capitalization has increased by 0.89% in the last 24 hours, at the time of press. 


VeChain: Valued Utility

The governance currency of VeChain (VET) has jumped up by 12% following the launch of its innovative self-custody VeWorld wallet, in an effort to enhance the user experience of the VeChain ecosystem as a whole. This decentralised wallet will give users the ability to generate and import cryptocurrency wallets, manage their portfolios, securely transact on decentralised apps as well as send and receive cryptocurrencies- making the platform incredibly diverse and versatile in its application. It is no wonder that the adoption of VeChain can be seen across a wide range of industries. However, what makes VeChain stand out is its emphasis on fighting against climate change - most notably with the implementation of a zero-threshold carbon management software-as-service (SaaS) protocol, which allows users to track and control the carbon emissions that are connected to their activities, in an efficient and effective way. The utility and application of the platform makes it a very popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. 

Doggetti: Dynamic Meme Coin 

Dogetti (DETI) is a decentalised digital token that has made its dapper debut to the meme coin world, inspired by mafia-esque literature and film and upheld by its family values of inclusivity and consideration. The new 鈥楧ogeFather鈥 shows some great potential to reach new, profitable heights as it has already gained a devoted following named 鈥楾he Family鈥.

The platform offers users and developers a permissionless exchange platform (DogettiSwap), suave and sophisticated dog-themed NFTs and strong family values, with a view to shift wealth into the DeFi sphere, and allow people to gain autonomous control of their finances. The Dogetti DAO serves as a platform through which community members will be able to get their voice heard, as they collectively decide on the direction of the project. The evolution of the project will be nurtured in this way, so that everyone can benefit. Financial stability and decentralisation of the platform is preserved, as the token is built on the well-known Ethereum blockchain. As a result, exceptional security and trustworthy scalability are guaranteed.

Family members who wish to purchase the charming canine NFTs can buy, sell and trade these distinct digital assets on the Dogetti NFT Marketplace, and will soon be able to create their own charismatic companions with the implementation of a breeding mechanism. The tax rate on NFTs will be 6% with a 2% reflection allowance, of which 1% will be utilised to increase the token's liquidity and 1% will be distributed to holders. An additional 2% of this tax levy will be sent to the Dogetti Charity Wallet, which will be applied to grants given to worthy organisations selected by the community.

The project is presently in the presale phase and has a unique discount code for a limited period of time. Buyers can receive an additional 25% of Dogetti tokens with their order and become a member of the suavest crypto family by using the code WISEGUY25. See the links below for further information.

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