With a total of 300,000 euros, the awards recognise equality initiatives through sport. Andalusia, Asturias (two), the Canary Islands, Galicia and the Basque Country, the winning projects

Ignacio Galán participates in the Iberdrola Supera Awards Ceremony

Ignacio Galán junto a los premiados de los Premios Supera
photo_camera Ignacio Galán with the winners of the Supera Awards

The six winners of the 4th edition of the Iberdrola Supera Awards have been announced from the more than 900 applications submitted. This took place during a very emotional gala, with more than 200 guests, at which six projects of great social significance and with a common denominator: to promote gender equality through different sporting practices were distinguished.

Ignacio Galán, Chairman of Iberdrola, took part in the prize-giving ceremony, which will provide real support to the winners. This is a competition endowed with 300,000 euros, 50,000 for each of the categories: Supera Base, Supera Competition, Supera Innovation, Supera Inclusion, Supera Social and Supera Dissemination.

During the awards ceremony, hosted by journalist Nico Abad and Margarita Álvarez, Galán thanked the winners for "contributing with their initiatives to building a fairer and more caring society based on the values that Iberdrola shares: those of effort, self-improvement and commitment which, in short, are also those of the good practice of sport from its base. These are profoundly social awards starring anonymous women and girls who will carry out admirable projects. We are truly fortunate to be able to accompany them". Two of the great attributes that identify Iberdrola are women's sport and its anticipation of the green transition.

The prizes will be used to make the projects in the six categories of the competition a reality:

Supera Base, for the promotion of grassroots sport among girls up to the age of 16, which has gone to the Club C.D Guretxoko from the Basque Country, for promoting the presence and prominence of women in a sport that is a priori dominated by men.

Supera Competición, to help the incorporation of women into competition, which will promote the Club Balonmán Cañiza of Galicia so that it can improve the training infrastructures of the first team that competes in the Women's Silver Division of Honour in handball.

Supera Inclusión, for the insertion of women with special abilities in sport, which will help people with limited mobility and/or sensory disorders to experience the thrill of diving with Marina Muñoz, in the Canary Islands.

Supera Social, which rewards the integration of women into society through sport, and which went to the EMET Foundation in Andalusia for sports workshops as therapy for vulnerable women in its centres.

Supera Difusión, for promoting the visibility of women's sport, which went to the Patronato deportivo municipal de Siero to publicise the feat of 78 Asturian women who will climb 78 summits simultaneously and who will broadcast their action on video to promote the practice of amateur sport.

And finally, Supera Innovación, designed to improve sports practice through science and/or technology, for the Club Patín Gijón Solimar (Asturias) so that it can apply Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in its training sessions to avoid injuries.

The decision of the Jury of Honour - made up of Susanna Griso, Sonsoles Ónega, Eli Pinedo, Ona Carbonell, Carolina Marín, Jesús Carballo, Manu Carreño, Marta Arce, Paloma del Río, Sandra Sánchez, Teresa Perales, Alexia Putellas, Lydia Valentín, Susana Rodríguez and Vicente del Bosque - was held at a very emotional gala that was rounded off with a performance by the singer Sole Giménez, and attended by many of the 32 Iberdrola Ambassadors, such as Teresa Portela (canoeing), the athlete Desirée Vila and Loida Zabala (para-athletics).

The President of the Consejo Superior de Deportes, Víctor Francos; the Secretary General of the Spanish Olympic Committee, María Victoria Cabezas; and the President of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Miguel Carballeda, among others, did not want to miss the event either.

Since 2016, Iberdrola has been the main promoter of women's sport in Spain. It supports 32 National Federations, reaching more than 600,000 women, that is, two out of every three federated women, and has more than a hundred competitions with Iberdrola's own name, including 32 leagues. 

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