Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela were the protagonists of the 6th NI HAO CONECTA (NHC) meeting

Latin America: an investment enclave for Spanish and Chinese companies

Latin America is a hub of investment and tourism attraction for China and Spain and, given this reality, the 6th NI HAO CONECTA (NHC) meeting focused on opportunities in terms of economy and foreign companies, with special emphasis on Spain and Asian markets.  

With Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela as protagonists, in this sixth meeting, attendees were able to listen to the reflections of Victor Cortizo, one of the leading experts in Spain-China bilateral relations and specialised in business development in the Chinese market on the event "Latin America, enclave of opportunities for foreign investment: China and Spain". 

In addition, during the event, Dr. Armando Jiménez San Vicente, former Director General of Energy Policy in Mexico and former Regional Minister of Economic Development and Investment presented the strategic and investment alliances that NHC is developing in the Latin America-Spain-China triangulation.   

In this framework, the experts Germán Ríos, Director of the Latin America Observatory at the Instituto de Empresa (IE University), former Corporate Director of Strategic Affairs at CAF Development Bank of Latin America and economist for Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay at the World Bank, and Fernando Cortiñas Lúquez, MBA from Harvard Business School, Associate Professor at IE Business School and visiting professor at the Catholic University of Chile, Universidade do Porto and Porto Business School have presented their points of view on the different perspectives. 


Víctor Cortizo highlighted the relevance and opportunity that 2023 represents within the China-Spain-Latin America triangulation, since, according to Cortizo, this year is very relevant for Spanish-Chinese relations. Therefore, NI HAO CONECTA (NHC) is a key platform for generating synergies and connecting both parties. With this in mind, Germán Ríos emphasised the idea that China is an important trading partner, especially for Latin America, in infrastructure services and investment. However, currently, with the great power and capacity that China is developing in other sectors such as energy and technology, it is a great opportunity to establish trade relations with the country. Lastly, Fernando Cortinas stressed that in this new geopolitical scenario in which we find ourselves, in the style of a new Cold War, China will lead the main influence against the Western world, led by the United States. He also stressed the need to get to know China in greater depth as a point in favour of achieving a favourable bilateral exchange, as opposed to the partner we have known for centuries, the United States. 

For her part, Laura González Escallada, president of NHC, pointed out that "in a year in which the celebration of the 50th anniversary of China-Spain Diplomatic Relations is a great opportunity to strengthen friendships between the two countries, it is important for Spanish and Chinese businessmen to have a more direct relationship".

The meeting was also attended by renowned Spanish and Chinese businessmen and lawyers. Investors and entrepreneurs from Angola and China attended the meeting to share their thoughts and present their projects.  

After the meeting, the attendees enjoyed a cocktail with the internationally renowned Guijuelo ham company BEHER as the protagonist and BELMONTE peppers.  

Through a series of meetings in Madrid and Hong Kong, NI HAO CONECTA continues to consolidate an exclusive space for thought and dialogue between Spain-China-Latin America in which renowned experts (diplomats, professors, politicians and businessmen) debate and reflect on current affairs and the new world order. 


NHC Platform 

NI HAO CONECTA (NHC), a business and communication platform between China, Spain and Latin America, acts as the main axis in the search and development of business and investment opportunities through institutional, academic and governmental agendas.  

As a consultancy specialising in Public Affairs, NI HAO CONECTA has an advisory board made up of renowned academics, consultants and experts from the national and international business environment, guaranteeing internationalisation processes and brand reinforcement in any of the three axes in the triangulation: Spain-China-Latin America.  

The Spanish entity has its own communication channel with accredited seals, both in Western and Eastern social networks, and recognition in WeChat. In addition, in the framework of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Spain in 2023 and with the public intention shown by the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Spain to strengthen trade and cultural ties between them, NI HAO CONECTA is developing a major promotional campaign through a series of public and private activities throughout the year 2023.