Both sectors reached record figures in 2022, exceeding the 80 billion dirham barrier for the first time

Marruecos: las remesas marítimas y agrícolas crecen un 20%

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The increase is steady. Since data has been available, the North African country's exports in all sectors have for the first time reached an increase of more than 30% compared to GDP. Morocco's agricultural and maritime food products surpassed the 80 billion dirham threshold about $7.79 billion for the first time in 2022. The number represents an increase of almost 20% over 2021, according to data provided by the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture. Maritime and agricultural exports already rank third among the Alawi kingdom's export sectors, the ministry added. 

The institution emphasised the improvement in the sector's performance during 2022 despite an unfavourable global context due to inflation caused by the war between Ukraine and Russia. The data also reveal that there is a positive trend in the evolution of exports of fresh fruit and vegetables. The marketing of these products exceeded a volume of more than 2.3 million tonnes, which represents an annual growth of 10% compared to last year. Exports of red fruits also recorded an increase of 20%, with a volume of 131,900 tonnes. 

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The Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture also highlighted Morocco's exports to the North American market, which saw significant growth in citrus fruit exports. Exports of fish products also increased by 13% in volume and 16% in value, reaching 2.72 billion dollars. Canned food not only increased in terms of quantity exported, by 7%, but also in terms of value, which increased by more than 30% compared to its value in 2021, while exports of processed agricultural products recorded an increase of 5% in volume and 19% in value compared to the last figure. 

Olive oil exports also increased by 85% in volume and 49% in value over the same period, according to the same statistics. The ministry's data confirms the findings of the latest statistics from the Moroccan Exchange Office (EO), which indicated that the country's exports of goods amounted to $37.32 billion at the end of November 2022. The figure represents an increase of 33.1% or $9.2bn, and the EO attributed the improvement to the recovery of key sectors, including the phosphate, agriculture and automotive sectors. 


Morocco's agricultural and agri-food exports stood at 73.8bn dirhams at the end of November 2022, up from 62.36bn dirhams recorded in 2021, the data showed. The Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) endorsed the Moroccan boom with the issuance of a report indicating that the Alawi kingdom ranks as the third Arab power in the export of industrial products only behind two "giants" of the sector such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It also stressed that the competitiveness of the industrial sector is constantly evolving. 

This reflects the momentum of the Alawi kingdom's industry in recent years, whose exports account for more than 70% of total exports in the Maghreb country's economy. However, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is confident that Morocco will enter the top 10 of the major powers in terms of automobile production, thanks to the Mohammed VI Fund for Foreign Investment. Furthermore, the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office (OMPIC) forecasts a growth for the industrial fabric in the Moroccan kingdom for the coming months of 2023. 

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