The Alawi country is preparing to set up a new automotive factory specialising in this component of electric vehicles in the Casablanca region

Marruecos da un paso importante en la fabricación de baterías eléctricas para coches


Morocco continues to increase its position in the automotive sector. For two decades, cars have been a strategic sector and have given the Alawi country worldwide recognition in the production of automobiles. As of 2017, the Kingdom is the leading car manufacturer in Africa and in 2021 it has positioned itself as the second largest exporter of this product to Europe. Advances in technology and a look towards a greener future have led to the search for more sustainable options such as electric cars, which the Maghreb country itself is starting to market.

The Kingdom is preparing to take the first steps in the mass production of these vehicles and has announced the construction of the first electric battery factory in the country. The project will be carried out by the Moroccan company MARIBAT, a brand specialising in this sector. The plant will be located in the Casablanca region, where it will be able to export its products both nationally and internationally.

The plan has a budget of more than 75 million dirhams. The plant will bring prestige to Morocco, which will become one of the few countries capable of producing this type of product. This is possible thanks to the mineral resources that the Kingdom's geography possesses, which is important when it comes to manufacturing more technological devices. The Alawi country has deposits of cobalt, fluorine and phosphate, which, among other materials, are essential for the production and design of electric batteries.

It should be noted that Morocco would be one of the world's focal points for those interested in this type of machine, since, due to trade agreements, the Kingdom has a large supply chain and this guarantees a very low cost of importing raw materials, as well as exporting them to international markets. 

PHOTO/ARCHIVO- Coches en Marruecos

The important production of automobiles of Moroccan origin is quite abundant, and could position Morocco as a new hub. At present, Asian countries are the world leaders in the production of these vehicles, but the Kingdom could overtake them. The interest aroused by this new market would be a good opportunity to export more products, especially since Europe is planning to impose a carbon tax on the transport of goods, and the arrival of electric cars could be a major revolution.

Even so, the presence of electric cars in the Kingdom is still small, and the market is tiny. Morocco does not have large spaces where drivers can charge their cars, so Moroccans are not yet fully convinced in this sector. According to a report by the Association of Assembled Motor Vehicles (AIVAM), sales of hybrid/electric cars fell by 28% in 2020 and sales are just over 1,000 cars. Compared to Europe, this market is a far cry, with more than 1.33 million new electric cars sold in the Old Continent in 2020 alone.

To increase the demand for sales of these vehicles and boost this sector, Morocco has already started to initiate a green transition with many projects. At the beginning of last year, the first charging station for these cars was built, allowing the car to be charged in 30 minutes and a 4G connection. And since 2018, more than ten projects had already been put into operation in cities such as Agadir, Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier, as well as on their roads.

Added to this is the attention caused by the market and from which many companies have seen business, as is the case of Afrimobility. Afrimobility is preparing to build the largest charging network for electric vehicles in Morocco, as well as in the whole of Africa, which will be located over a distance of almost 700 kilometres, between the north and south of the region. It is an innovative project that will increase demand for this product, as drivers will have more resources to switch from petrol to electricity.