The Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, stressed that Morocco will be one of the "rare" countries with a fully integrated industrial system for the production of car batteries

Morocco: the world's most competitive future platform for electric car manufacturing

Ryad Mezzour, ministro de Industria de Marruecos - PHOTO/FILE
photo_camera Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry of Morocco

During the inauguration of the 7th Automotive Handling Exhibition in Tangier, Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade, Riyad Mezzour, expressed his high hopes of seeing Morocco becoming the world's most competitive platform for the manufacture of electric cars. 

This ambitious vision for the electric car sector in Morocco was shared through his opening speech when he stressed: "We will be the most competitive and integrated electric platform in the world, providing our services not only to our future giant factories, but also to the giant factories throughout the region". 

As practical steps towards the realisation of this national project, the industry minister pledged Morocco's commitment to advance the ongoing transformation of the electric car industry to 100% by 2030 with an integrated industrial system, he explained. 

AFP/FAEL SENNA - Un empleado trabaja en una cadena de montaje de autom贸viles en la planta de montaje de autom贸viles de PSA en Kenitra
AFP/FAEL SENNA - An employee works on a car assembly line at the PSA car assembly plant in Kenitra

Mezzour stressed that "the real challenge of the new industrial era for Morocco is to move from a country that provides services with the necessary quality and cost to a country that offers competitive solutions"; assuring that "Morocco would be one of the few countries in the world with a fully integrated industrial system for the production of car batteries". 

In this context, Riyad Mezzour said: "We need a new type of product, linked to heavy industries, chemistry and sovereignty, and we are invited to achieve this to move from simple recipients of orders to an economic and industrial system that offers solutions".

The plan to reach 36 billion euros as transaction volume by 2029 is easily aligned with the announced projects, thanks to the Moroccan automotive industry that is undergoing a second revolution, the trade minister stressed. 

PHOTO/FILE - Complejo industrial de Renault en T谩nger, Marruecos
PHOTO/FILE - Renault's industrial complex in Tangier, Morocco

Other factors supporting this ambition are international reports that highlighted Morocco's potential to become a regional and international leader in electric car manufacturing. Proof of this, in August, was the UNCTAD report on economic development, which described Morocco's automotive industry as "exemplary". 

Mezzour emphasised, in 2022, that "the national automotive industry is on track to double its production of electric cars in the next two years, targeting the production of 100,000 units per year".

After having particularly emphasised the strength of Morocco's automotive sector, Mezzour highlighted that "the North African country is poised to achieve record exports through sales worth around 14 billion euros this year compared to 11.1 billion euros in 2022. 

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