The airline is to charter three new flights for Moroccans living in the Kingdom who are abroad

Royal Air Maroc habilitará nuevos vuelos especiales

Royal Air Maroc

The worldwide health situation aggravated by the Omicron variant is forcing new measures to be taken. The cancellation of flights is one of the first actions being taken by all countries in view of the speed with which this variant of COVID-19 is spreading. Morocco decided to close its borders on 29 November, leaving many of its inhabitants abroad. It is precisely those who will now have the option of returning to the kingdom thanks to flights to be chartered tomorrow, 22 December, by Royal Air Maroc.

Portugal and Turkey are the two countries from which the Agadir-bound flights will take off. Two of them will take off from Lisbon and one from Istanbul. This is the last chance - at least for the next few weeks - for all those Moroccans who are still outside the country to return home. From the 23rd, no flights to Morocco will be organised, so this is the last chance for Moroccan residents abroad, or spouses and accompanying children who have left the Alawi kingdom since 1 September, to return home.

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The decision was announced via Royal Air Maroc's Twitter account and is still subject to confirmation by the Portuguese and Turkish authorities. Passengers taking these flights will be required to present their national identity card or passport proving their domicile, as well as a PCR test carried out within 48 hours prior to the flight. In addition, on arrival in Morocco, they will be quarantined for a week in hotels where health authorities will carry out new tests every two days as a preventive measure.

The Moroccan authorities informed on Monday that they were going to organise some flights on an exceptional basis from the two destinations mentioned, in addition to the United Arab Emirates, with whom they plan to open the line back to the kingdom, but this has not yet been communicated by the Moroccan airline. What they did announce on Monday and does not seem to be changing is the deadline of Thursday 23 December, after which there will be no flights to Morocco.

Aeropuerto Marruecos

The problems in terms of flights are much greater with other countries, such as Spain. It was intended to charter a plane for the return of Moroccan nationals to their territory, but the Ministry of Health of the kingdom has assured that "after observing the travel procedures, it was found that the competent Spanish authorities do not carry out the due and strict control of the state of health of the passengers at the time of boarding at their airports". Sources assure EFE that Morocco believes that flights from Spain "pose a threat to the health of Moroccan citizens and undermine the health achievements made".