The Regional Investment Center of the region Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima organized on Thursday, March 28 at Tecnopark Tangier an information conference on the Territory Development Challenge for project idea holders who want to participate in the competition

The CRITTA reiterates its call to the TDC from Tecnopark Tangier


The Regional Investment Center (CRI) of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima reiterates its call for thoseinterested in participating in the second edition of the Territory Development Challenge; meeting only two basic criteria: the project must be applicable in the region and the idea must be creative.

  1. The main objectives of the TDC competition are
  2. The advantages of the TTA region 
  3. The region's six challenges 
  4. First edition: testimonials from the four winners 

CRITTA is in charge of simplifying the processes and guaranteeing proximity through a single interlocutor who is committed to developing and promoting investment in the eight provinces of the region; being a collective initiative for emerging territories.

Through this call for regional, national and international innovation launched digitally, with a deadline until the end of April, the CRI contributes to finding innovative solutions to the region's problems and challenges in the different economic sectors.


The main objectives of the TDC competition are

  •  Identify and attract talent to the region.
  •  Cultivate and stimulate the culture of innovation and community collaboration.
  •  Accompany entrepreneurs and project idea holders.
  •  Provide solutions and creative ideas to the region's ecosystem.
  •  Highlight investment and business opportunities.
  • To open up to the national and international ecosystem. 

The CRI assures all investors a complete and exhaustive accompaniment thanks to its role as a unique and efficient interlocutor that facilitates the procedures and accompanies the project holders in their exploration of the opportunities offered by the region. 

The advantages of the TTA region 

With eight provinces and prefectures, the TTA region is distinguished by a considerable diversity in terms of its industrial fabric and has a large-scale infrastructure that accommodates today's promising sectors. 

The Regional Investment Center provides anyone interested in investing in the region with a series of very useful guides and brochures to guide them in their business adventure in Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, in addition to a bank of projects easily accessible virtually, available in four languages: Arabic, French, Spanish and English.

In this regard, it is imperative for the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima LRC to support SMEs in their technological transition, to strengthen international connectivity by taking advantage of the region's strategic position, and to encourage innovation and operational excellence in these different areas.


The region's six challenges 

Given that 2023 is a year of major challenges, the CRI has set the sectors of interest in six challenges: territorial animation and public spaces, the sports industry, ecotourism, the green economy, the blue economy, industry and logistics. 

  •  Territorial animation and public spaces: seeks to promote culture as a vector of social and economic development through private investment that generates employment, as well as to dynamize available spaces through innovative project ideas and contribute to the promotion of culture and tourism for both the local population and tourists.
  •  Blue economy: the aim is to improve the standard of living of the population, enhance lakes and rivers and enhance the value of fish products by promoting new activities (fishing-tourism, aquatic activities, recreation, etc.) in order to increase the sector's contribution to GDP.
  •  Green economy: a key sector to reinforce the region's attractiveness as a sustainable living space. This is done by encouraging new investment projects in renewable energies and stimulating the creation of projects focused on the circular economy and waste recycling.
  •  Industry and logistics: under the real vision for the period 2022-2026 that aims to mobilize 550 MMDH in investments and the creation of 500,000 jobs, the sector plays a crucial role in the realization of this ambition, through the development of modern and innovative industrial structures.
  •  Sports industry: as a real business opportunity and sustainable job creation; its purpose is to enhance the talents of young people in the region, promote social innovation projects; through the creation of economic activities of permanent animation around sports, e-sports and virtual sports.
  •  Ecotourism: given the tourism potential of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region which lies in the geographical diversity, cultural richness, and beautiful landscapes, promoting winter tourism, eco-design, integrating new digital technologies for the promotion of ecotourism and preserving the fauna and flora of the region is one of the keys to the regional economy. 

First edition: testimonials from the four winners 

It should be recalled that in the first edition of the Territory Development Challenge, 232 projects of 20 nationalities have participated to win three major prizes (1,500 euros, 1,000 euros and 7,000 euros respectively), in addition to the jury's prize estimated at 5,000 euros.

At this meeting in Tecnopark Tangier, the winners of the last edition talked about their experience in the competition, their projects and encouraged young people to participate, assuring that it is an opportunity not to be missed.