The country's economic boom over the past 50 years is due to its long-term vision, which has allowed it to focus and keep its people focused on a common goal

The United Arab Emirates, a country with great business opportunities

photo_camera REUTERS/CHRISTOPHER PIKE - General view of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

The UAE has always strived to become a role model for the younger generation in the Middle East, embracing diversity and encouraging innovation. It is worth noting that the UAE was the first country in the area to implement the Abraham Accords with Israel, setting the path towards a new horizon of peace and prosperity for citizens in the Middle East. "Now is a good time to look for business opportunities and build a future of collaboration, mutual trust and prosperity," says Borja Gervás, CEO of the consulting firm Access UAE.

The country's great success over the past 50 years is largely due to its ambition and long-term vision, which has allowed it to focus and keep its people focused on a common goal of constant development, entrepreneurship and the achievement of a strong and stable economy. This is confirmed by its macroeconomic data: 10 million inhabitants and a GDP of around 400 billion euros. 

Una vista general del edificio The Gate en el Centro Financiero Internacional de Dubái (DIFC)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the countries with the largest oil reserves (6th) and gas reserves (7th) in the world and its economy has traditionally been based on this sector. However, its authorities have embarked on an ambitious policy of productive diversification, which has meant that it now accounts for only 30% of GDP. It is worth highlighting the Emirati government's firm commitment to innovation, which has placed it in an advantageous position in the technology race, attracting talent and start-ups. In addition, they have significantly increased their weight in sectors such as construction, transport and logistics - it is considered a major logistics hub between Europe, Asia and Africa - as well as in tourism and the non-oil industry. The United Arab Emirates has a very favourable legal, regulatory, fiscal and financial business environment for investment.

According to Borja Gervás, "the UAE economy offers unparalleled business opportunities, the government has created a great ecosystem in relation to the economy based on legal and tax regulations that are favourable to its development. It can be assured that Spain is one of the countries that has been aware of all these improvements and opportunities, highlighting bilateral and investment exchanges. All of this is reflected in the more than 150 Spanish companies that are now permanently established in the United Arab Emirates".

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In this sense, Spain has become the nerve centre, acting as a link between relations with Latin America, both for Europe and towards Eastern countries. A privileged platform for Middle Eastern companies that allows them to do business in Latin America, without forgetting that the United Arab Emirates is a preferential hub for international companies seeking to do business in Asia.