The first time that a financial institution launches this system worldwide to make withdrawals recognizing the user through the image captured by the terminal camera.

CaixaBank deploys throughout Spain ATMs with facial recognition technology 

CaixaBank deploys throughout Spain ATMs with facial recognition technology 

CaixaBank has begun to deploy ATMs throughout Spain equipped with facial recognition technology, with cameras and software capable of validating up to 16,000 points on the user's face, which guarantees totally secure identification, the institution said in a statement on Saturday.

This is the first system implemented in the world by a financial institution to carry out withdrawals by recognizing the user through the image captured by the terminal's camera and without having to manually enter the PIN.

The expansion plan aims to bring this technology to more than 30 offices throughout Spain, so that all autonomous communities have at least one office equipped with this system. CaixBank's total number of ATMs with biometric recognition will exceed 100.

Barcelona and Valencia, pioneers

The institution currently has some of these ATMs in operation in several offices in Barcelona and in 'flagship all in one' centres in Barcelona and Valencia.

When the expansion plan is completed, probably in mid-July 2020, CaixaBank will have one of the largest networks of ATMs in the world, equipped with facial recognition technology applied commercially and the only one in which this biometric system has a sufficient level of security to allow withdrawals without using the PIN.

CaixaBank despliega por toda España cajeros con tecnología de reconocimiento facial

The bank's CEO, Gonzalo Gortázar, stressed that CaixaBank works with an innovative model in which technology is "at the service of the customer experience to provide the best service".

Reducing physical contact

He has also assured that "security and agility in transactions are key" and that the incorporation of biometric technology in ATMs offers multiple advantages in these two areas.

He explained that, in the context of covid-19, this project takes on "special relevance" as it allows customers to reduce their physical contact with the surface of the ATMs, which contributes to reinforcing the security of the use of the terminals.

The system, awarded by The Banker as one of the best banking innovation projects in 2019, is the only one in the world with a sufficient level of security to make withdrawals without entering the PIN.

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