Muscat is committed to innovation in order to diversify and boost its economy, and to this end they believe that stimulating the registration of patents is fundamental

Oman patents a new method to stimulate R&D

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The Sultanate of Oman has taken another step forward in its intention to establish a solid foundation in the innovation sector as a means of stimulating and developing its economy. 

To achieve this, Muscat has opted to encourage the registration of patents in order to protect intellectual property rights and encourage companies to design and create elements that contribute to the country's industrial and monetary growth.

It was the National Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Commerce that proposed this measure in order to protect the rights of inventors and contribute to the development of the local economy, as well as to the commercialisation of innovations.

For its part, the Ministry of Commerce confirmed in a statement that the Government of Oman "is interested in the field of intellectual property in all its sectors, as it is an area that contributes to the development of the economy and paves the way for investors to invest within the country, and takes into account the issue of spreading the culture of intellectual property for all".

This move aims to further increase the growth in the past year of applications by Omanis to patent their inventions from 13 in 2020 to 108 in 2021.

This shows that there is a link between the protection of intellectual property rights and the technological and scientific advances that enable the country's industrial R&D to develop.


To consolidate this trend, the Ministry of Trade has concluded many agreements and acceded to a number of treaties which, according to Al-Tamimieh, an expert in patent examination, contributed greatly to the development of the IP sector, with all that this entails.

In addition, the Ministry of Trade has implemented courses and workshops to raise awareness of the importance of IP and patents in the development of Omani industry.

The government is convinced of the country's great potential, and is therefore committed to consolidating its economy and developing an optimal preparation for a future where innovation is at the heart of Oman's growth.

For this reason, technology is one of a series of strategic tools on which the government is focusing with the aim of boosting GDP growth, something that its neighbours the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have already done.

In fact, the government has stated on several occasions that it will be technology that will mark the development of the productive sectors in order to achieve advanced indicators, and therefore make the country's industrial and business fabric grow.

Muscat stands out in the defence of patents and intellectual property, seeking to consolidate a developing economy and thus create an industry that will sustain the growth of the Sultanate of Oman.

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