The Minister of Industry and Trade stressed the importance of extending the Moroccan brand abroad during the presentation of the Express Relais project

Ryad Mezzour highlights Morocco's innovation in the technological field

photo_camera PHOTO/ARCHIVE - Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry of Morocco

"Morocco is stronger than ever and more entrepreneurial," said Ryad Mezzour, Moroccan Minister of Industry and Trade. The politician attended an event at which the company Express Relais presented a revolutionary new project in the digital sector. The Moroccan brand presented to the public a new network of automatic lockers for the delivery of parcels.

The project aims to deliver orders to customers in a reliable, convenient and secure way. The lockers are very modern and are entirely Moroccan in design and manufacture. They are equipped with a 100 PC Moroccan software technology that has been developed within the Research and Development Centre of CEOS Technology. The brand aims to provide a service ranging from ordering online the booking of a shipment or the collection of an intra-city or inter-city parcel. 

This network of ticket offices is intended to be extended throughout the national territory. At the moment, there are 31 ticket offices in five cities in the country, but by the end of this year there are expected to be 147 and they will be in 19 more cities. Even so, Express Relais is confident that this number will grow over the years. The Moroccan company expects that within five years a fleet of these ticket offices will be deployed nationwide and could reach 1,100 locations. 

Mezzour, during the presentation, wanted to dedicate a few words to the Moroccans in view of the new world situation and the recent crises. For him, Morocco is a country that, despite being in a difficult economic context, is capable of overcoming and innovating to improve its situation. 

In addition to this, the minister also wanted to highlight the importance of products with a Moroccan label. Mezzour explained that the Kingdom is a pioneer when it comes to producing products of excellent quality, but even so, they do not go beyond the stage of selling technological equipment and services at the global level.

Despite this, the minister praises the creators of revolutionary projects in the technology sector. "It is Moroccan brains that have been able to develop this technology, which has the capacity to deploy and export this technology worldwide," added Mezzour. 

For him, this new project of the network of automatic parcel lockers shows Morocco's willingness and effort to improve an industry that is becoming increasingly important worldwide. The Alawi country has been committed to the expansion of this sector for the last few years and is now capable of producing high-tech and secure products. However, these are launched on the international market, where they are no match for the resources of other powers and their products are able to compete with others. 

The North African nation is showing a clear evolution that knows no bounds. Over the past twenty years, and thanks to efforts to attract international investors, the country has experienced an unprecedented evolution that has earned it an important place in world trade. Morocco has become a major economic player. These figures, which now reflect an enviable economic stability in the region, have been driven by the low cost of Moroccan labour, which over time has grown to become one of the best in the world. 

"Morocco has gone from being a low-cost country to a best-cost country, thanks to a productive workforce that produces quality," Mezzour recalled. 

The speech concluded by highlighting the pride Moroccans should have in their country. The minister affirms that the country continues to work and strive to become a major power and to be rated with a better value, forgetting stereotypes. Right now, the nation has diverse industrial, commercial and service platforms in almost all services. These include technological services and production services, which, thanks to the efforts of the Alawi kingdom, now compete with the best brands.

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