In an attempt to silence the opposition, Algiers is trying to pressure France to extradite several opposition figures

Algeria: Tebboune prepares for second term amid social and economic crisis

photo_camera AFP/LUDOVIC MARIN - Algeria's President Abdelmadjid Tebboune

Algeria's President Abdelmadjid Tebboune is preparing for a second term in office amid a deep social and economic crisis. Since his arrival at the El Mouradia Palace, Tebboune has based his government on the dismissal of certain ministers without clear reasons, which, according to Al Arab, has generated a cabinet "without powers or initiatives", as senior officials have become "mere employees". "President Tebboune, since his election in 2019, has formed a technocratic government that does not rely on any partisan or political support," the Arab newspaper adds.

Recently, the Algerian president announced a new restructuring of the executive. This new organisation affects a total of six ministries, such as Interior, Health, Transport, Industry and Higher Education. Among these new appointments is that of Ibrahim Murad as Minister of the Interior, replacing Kamal Beljoud, who in turn was appointed Minister of Transport

Amid government instability, the socio-economic situation is deteriorating and the opposition is calling for accountability. As a result, Prime Minister Aiman Benabderrahma will present a public policy programme to parliament in the midst of political tension. 


During his appearance before the House, the opposition is expected to take the opportunity to highlight the high unemployment rate, rising prices and the government's handling of the summer fires. In this regard, the political party Movement of Society for Peace (MSP) delivered a document to the Prime Minister on the August fires.

The Islamist party noted that "the fatal fires have become a disaster facing the country every summer". "The north of the country is witnessing deadly fires and the burning of thousands of hectares of agricultural and forest land," the text added. The MSP also questioned the government's capacity and management in dealing with these natural disasters.

Extradition of dissidents key to Algerian-French relations 

The extradition of dissidents remains a key issue for Algeria. According to Al-Arab, the extradition of Algerians residing in France is a condition for strengthening relations between Algiers and Paris. During Emmanuel Macron's recent visit to the US, several regional issues were discussed, such as the situation in the Sahel and Libya, but the question of Algerian opponents on French territory was also raised, especially the extradition of Ferhat Mhenni, spokesman of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia.

Algiers considers these citizens to be very influential and their extradition would weaken anti-government movements. In order to silence them, the Algerian government often accuses them of being "terrorists".


France, for its part, has not yet taken a position. Neither have the governments of the United Kingdom or Switzerland, countries to which Algeria has submitted several extradition requests against members of the Movement for the Autonomy of Kabylia and Rashad.

By contrast, Spain did hand over former military officer and activist Mohamed Benhlima to the Algerian authorities earlier this year. Benhlima, who had been involved in the Hirak protest movement and had denounced several cases of corruption in the army, claimed on his YouTube channel that he would face "torture" in a "military prison".

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