The attacks have killed 60 people and injured more than 150

Daesh claims responsibility for Kabul airport bombings

photo_camera AFP/AKIL KOHSAR - Medical staff carry a wounded man on a stretcher to be treated after two explosions, outside Kabul airport on 26 August 2021

Two suicide attacks outside Kabul airport have left dozens dead, including minors, and at least 150 wounded. Of the official toll, at least 80 Afghan civilians have been killed. 

Daesh has officially confirmed to be behind the attack. In addition, multiple local sources report that there have been dozens of explosions in different parts of Kabul. According to the BBC, these blasts have been triggered by US and Afghan forces detonating ammunition.

These attacks, now confirmed as terrorist attacks, have been carried out five days before the total withdrawal of international troops from Afghanistan and, despite the terrorist attacks perpetrated, the United States remains firm in its decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon reports that the first explosion occurred near what is known as Abbey Gate, one of the four main entrances to Kabul International Airport. The second blast is said to have occurred in the vicinity of the Baron Hotel near the same location. 


At least 13 members of the US military have been killed in the attacks, including 12 Marines and a Navy medic, several US officials have said. On the other hand, according to the Spanish Ministry of Defence, Spanish troops deployed in the area are safe.

This outburst comes after a morning of warnings from the US government, as well as from other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom. Throughout the morning, different countries have reported that a "highly lethal" attack could be perpetrated at Kabul airport "imminently", while operations to evacuate Afghans continued. 


"All collaborators with international troops are traitors for the Taliban, they are both military and civilian targets," Pilar Requena reported on the network 24 hours after the attacks were reported. These words were also echoed on the same channel by the director of World Order, Fernando Arancon, who stated that "we had been hearing for several days about some kind of attack, whether it was something from Daesh or from some Taliban faction, and in the end, as they have warned, it has ended up happening".

"France is already going to evacuate its ambassador, thousands of Afghans are going to be left stranded, the United States will not have time to get them all out, if the United States accelerates the pace of evacuation many more are going to stay there with all the consequences, with deaths, imprisonment and torture," Aranc贸n said. "They are looking for a way out of Afghanistan so they can get out.

"Recognising them would be the last thing, now we have to see how we can avoid the greatest suffering for the Afghan population," Requena concluded. As for the situation of women, the specialist affirms that "if they are put under a burqa and condemned to silence, they are victims, and if they are feminist activists, the Taliban's objective towards them is double".


For the time being, further terrorist attacks are expected in the coming hours. With the execution of the latest attacks, what was an open rumour has become an imminent reality that has sown chaos in the country and has led Afghanistan to a desolate scenario. 

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