The terrorist group claims that 13 hostages, including foreigners, have been killed by Israeli attacks. Israel says "there are many statements from Hamas" and that it will only report on "reliable" data

Hamas urges Gazans to stay in their homes after Israel orders evacuation

Ruinas de un edificio destruido en los ataques aéreos israelíes en la ciudad de Gaza el 8 de octubre de 2023 - AFP/MOHAMMED ABED
AFP/MOHAMMED ABED - Ruins of a building after Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City

Hamas is once again preventing the civilian population of the Gaza Strip from fleeing as the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian enclave worsens as a result of Israeli bombardment. After the terrorist group refused to use a humanitarian corridor proposed by Egypt, as reported by EFE news agency, the organisation's leaders have called on civilians in northern Gaza not to leave their homes after the Israeli army gave them a 24-hour deadline to evacuate the area.

"Remain firm in your homes and stand firm in the face of this disgusting psychological warfare waged by the occupation," Hamas's Refugee Affairs Authority was quoted as saying by the Qatari media outlet Al Jazeera

Hours earlier, the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) urged civilians in Gaza City to flee their homes to the south for "their own safety and protection". "Hamas terrorists are hiding in Gaza City inside tunnels under houses and inside buildings inhabited by innocent Gazan civilians," the IDF said in a statement.

Israeli military authorities also advise civilians to "stay away from Hamas terrorists", as they use them "as human shields". Army spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said during a press conference afterwards that the responsibility for what happens to those who do not evacuate "lies with Hamas", a group that "preys" on civilians.  

"In the coming days, the IDF will continue to operate significantly in Gaza City and will make great efforts to avoid harming civilians," they concluded. It is estimated that since the start of the war, more than 1,500 people have been killed in Gaza due to shelling, according to health authorities in the enclave.

Also, according to Hamas, 13 hostages, including foreign nationals, have reportedly died as a result of Israeli air strikes in the last 24 hours, AFP reports. Regarding these statements, Hagari stressed that "there are many statements from Hamas" and that they will only report on "reliable information"

Israel's recommendation to evacuate comes after a night of heavy shelling against the Palestinian enclave. As announced by the military authorities, air strikes were carried out against some 750 targets belonging to Hamas and other terrorist groups. These targets include tunnels, military compounds, residences of senior Hamas members used as military command centres, weapons stores and communications rooms.  

Meanwhile, in Israel, after several hours of quiet, alarms were sounded again in Ascalon and elsewhere in the south, as well as in the centre of the country after several rockets were launched from Gaza. "Hamas and other terrorist groups are believed to be holding back missile launches as they retain power and prepare for a likely Israeli ground invasion in the coming days," notes The Times of Israel

This may also be the reason for the order to evacuate northern Gaza, which is estimated to be home to more than a million people. However, for the UN, it is "impossible for such a move to take place without devastating humanitarian consequences".  

Hamas calls for global Islamic jihad against Israel 

Khaled Meshal, political leader of the Syrian branch of Hamas, exiled in Damascus and one of the founders of the terrorist group, has called on Muslims around the world to carry out a 'day of rage' this Friday. Meshal has called for a global Islamic jihad (holy war) against Israel, which poses a dangerous threat to all Jewish communities around the world.

For this reason, countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France have stepped up security at Jewish and Israeli centres, in many cases banning pro-Hamas demonstrations.

Incidents have already been reported in several places in the early hours of the morning. For example, an Israeli diplomat in China was stabbed in a suspected terrorist attack. As reported by i24 News, the diplomat has been taken to hospital for treatment and is in stable condition.

This comes shortly after Israel's Foreign Ministry expressed its "deep disappointment" at Beijing's lack of condemnation of the weekend Hamas attack that has already killed more than 1,300 people and injured thousands. The terrorist group also kidnapped around 100 people and committed barbaric acts against civilians.

On the other hand, hundreds of Jordanians have responded to Hamas' call and headed towards the border with Israel, despite a ban on protests in the area by the Arab country's authorities. Jordanian security forces had to use tear gas to disperse the demonstrators and prevent them from reaching the Israeli border.  

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is currently in Jordan following his visit to Israel. In Amman, the head of US diplomacy will meet with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, as well as with Jordanian King Abdullah II. Meanwhile, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin landed in Israel this morning