The President of the Moroccan-European Joint Parliamentary Committee will analyse the current challenges facing Morocco

Lahcen Haddad presents his new book

Lahcen Haddad, diputado y presidente del Comité Parlamentario Conjunto Marroquí-Europa
photo_camera Lahcen Haddad, MP and Chairman of the Moroccan-European Joint Parliamentary Committee

Lahcen Haddad, MP and President of the Moroccan-European Joint Parliamentary Committee, presented his new book, "Fi Qalb Alaassifa" (In the Heart of the Storm), at the Salon International de l'脡dition et du Livre (SIEL).

In this new book, the Moroccan politician addresses the challenges facing Morocco today, tackling economic and political issues, as well as those related to the regional and international spheres.

In the book's seven chapters, Haddad analyses developments in the Kingdom in recent years, but also addresses the situation in the Maghreb, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. As he explained to Hespress FR, the book describes 'the challenges facing Morocco and those it would face in the event of joining the club of emerging countries, but also the challenges of good neighbourliness with Algeria and Spain and the geostrategic impulse in relation to Africa, the Sahel, the Arab and Mediterranean countries'.


The common denominator of all the chapters is the analytical approach, as well as a post-colonial and deconstructive point of view. In his new book, Haddad also highlights the current climate scenario, the limitations of the current economic model and the threat of populism. To this end, the Moroccan politician asks what new reforms should be adopted to address the challenges that currently exist, whether at the political, economic or social level.  In addition to these questions, Haddad includes a chapter on culture based, as he puts it, "on the Moroccan vision of the world".

"I also ask myself more general questions about the world economic model: are we going to continue to over-consume so that people consume more, when this is at the expense of natural resources that cannot be regenerated and renewed?", says Haddad during the International Book and Publishing Fair in Rabat.

In this regard, the president of the Moroccan-European Joint Parliamentary Committee stresses the need to propose a new economic model that is not based on over-consumption, but on the needs of each society, while developing and promoting local economies and moving towards greater sustainability and security.

This issue is closely linked to climate change. "It is a problem and a challenge not only for Morocco, but also for the rest of the world," Haddad warned the Moroccan media. "We have experienced anxiety about everything from pandemics to inflation, and it is all part of a general anxiety about global warming and the changes that are destroying the balance," Haddad reflects, stressing the role that Morocco can play in this scenario. The politician points out that his country has "important assets", but needs to carry out reforms based on sustainability.

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