The Ukrainian student took to the microphones of the programme De Cara al Mundo to talk about the difficult situation in her country

Maria Briukhovecka: "Ukraine will continue to resist the offensives of the Russian army"

María Briujovecka

In the latest edition of 'De Cara al Mundo', Onda Madrid's radio programme, we had the participation of María Briujovecka, a Ukrainian student of International Relations, who spoke to us about how Ukraine is experiencing the latest offensive actions on the part of Russia. Briujovecka explained that the Ukrainians are in high spirits, they are waiting for a new batch of weapons and are convinced that they can continue to stand up to the Russian army. The International Relations student asked us not to forget what her people are suffering, as the support Ukraine receives from the European Union has a great impact.    

Maria, how are you feeling? 

I feel fine, my university is in danger of being the target of a possible air strike, but we feel fine. 

Can you tell us where you are or is it better not to say anything for security reasons? 

I can tell you that I am in central Ukraine, my region is near Kirovohrad. 

María BriujoveckaHow are you resisting these 86 days of Russian invasion? 

It is very complicated, we are entering the fourth phase of the war and we are waiting for a new shipment of weapons to continue defending ourselves. On the subject of arms, I know that Europe and the United States believe that sending arms ends their aid, but this is not the case, it was not us who started the war but Putin and the Russian army. We can't face them without all this armament, that's true, today we are receiving a greater quantity, but of lesser quality, and that is something we need. Possibly the Russian army could come after me because of all the interviews I am giving and the only way we can defend ourselves is to take up arms and confront the invaders.  

I see you in high spirits, not only are you going to resist, but you are confident that if you get the weapons you need right now you will win the war.  

Indeed I am. From my position I am not aware of all the details of the war, but the Ukrainian people are convinced that we will be able to resist the Russian attacks, that our angels will continue to protect our lives and the peace of Ukraine despite the war. We hope that with the weapons that will arrive our army will be able to carry out a counter-offensive and enter the territories of Kherson, Luhansk and Mariupol and even regain the territories of Crimea and Donbas. We know that all this is very difficult, but the Ukrainian people are confident that we can achieve it.  

We really hope that this will be the case and that this nightmare will end as soon as possible, if you want to send a message?  

I would just like the Ukrainian people not to be forgotten, the help from Europe and the civilian population everywhere is very important, the support you are giving us is of enormous magnitude as we have seen at Eurovision.