CNN has selected Morocco among the top tourist destinations for this year, along with Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Chile and Canada, among others

Morocco, among the top 24 tourist destinations in 2024 according to CNN Travel

PHOTO/PIXABAY -Turismo en Marruecos
Tourism in Morocco - PHOTO/PIXABAY

Morocco's status as one of Africa's top tourist destinations has been endorsed by the report carried out by the travel section of the American television network CNN.

In this report, the main tourist destinations for the new year 2024 have been selected. Among them, there are only two destinations located on the African continent: Morocco and Angola, joined by other destinations in Asia, Oceania and America, such as Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Chile and Canada.

Morocco: landscapes and architecture

The CNN report highlights that Morocco has long been a favourite destination for tourists "for the diversity of its landscapes and spectacular architecture" and stresses that "it has recovered with determination after the devastating earthquake it suffered in September 2023".

Imagen de archivo de la calle de la Medina, en Marrakech, una de las ciudades más turísticas de Marruecos - FOTO/ARCHIVO
Image of the Medina street in Marrakech, one of Morocco's most popular tourist destinations - PHOTO/FILE

It should be remembered that the earthquake affected some particularly attractive areas for travellers, such as the historic centre of the city of Marrakech.

In addition to the usual destinations, CNN encourages tourists to discover "other lesser-known gems of the Kingdom", such as Tetouan and Meknes, less frequented but just as attractive as Marrakech, Rabat or Fez.

The medina of Tetouan and the city of Meknes are two of the nine sites listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in Morocco, along with the medina of Fez; the medina of Marrakech; the fortress of Ait Ben Hodolou; the archaeological site of Volubilis; the medina of Essaouira; the Portuguese village of Mazagan and the city of Rabat.

World leader in sustainable tourism

In addition to highlighting Morocco's main tourist attractions, the CNN report recognises the country as a world leader in sustainable tourism, thanks to various initiatives that favour the production of renewable energy and the existence of several eco-friendly hotels on its territory.

According to CNN Travel, "Morocco is proving to be a world leader in sustainable tourism, with the implementation of several initiatives to boost its renewable energy generation".

Hotel Kasbah du Toubkal, situado en Imlil, al pie del Alto Atlas - ARCHIVO/WEB DEL HOTEL KASBAH DU TOUBKAL
Hôtel Kasbah du Toubkal, located in Imlil, at the foot of the High Atlas - ARCHIVES/SITE WEB DE L'HOTEL KASBAH DU TOUBKAL

One example is the Kasbah du Toubkal Hotel in Imlil, at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains, which is run by Berbers.

Tourism is on the rise in Morocco

Data show that global tourism activity has grown by 90 per cent by 2023, compared to pre-pandemic levels. This will lead to an increase in the number of tourists visiting popular destinations, among which Morocco is carving out a niche for itself.

Morocco has competitive advantages such as the possibility of attracting tourists out of season; having destinations that usually go unnoticed compared to big cities and other more popular destinations; and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

All this has meant that, as of November 2023, Morocco has registered a total of 13.2 million tourist visits.

Revenues from the national tourism sector have grown from 84.12 billion dirhams in November 2022 to 97.4 billion dirhams in November 2023.


Another of Morocco's treasures for visitors is the city of Essaouira, listed by Travel Leeming as one of the top 50 tourist destinations for 2024.

FOTO/GEMA LÓPEZ - Unos turistas pasean por las calles de Essaouira
Tourists stroll through the streets of Essaouira - PHOTO/GEMA LÓPEZ

Essaouira is ranked 28th on this list and is considered one of Morocco's coastal treasures, with great attractions for tourists interested in history and architecture, as well as for those looking for a tourist destination where they can enjoy the sea and water sports.