The eighth meeting of the High Joint Commission between Morocco and Mauritania was held on 9 and 11 March 2022, marking a new positive dynamic between the two countries

Marruecos y Mauritania refuerzan sus lazos tras la reunión de la Alta Comisión Conjunta

AFP/FADEL SENNA - Border crossing between Morocco and Mauritania at Guerguerat, located in Western Sahara, on November 24, 2020, following the intervention of the Moroccan Royal Moroccan Armed Forces in the area

Morocco and Mauritania further strengthen their ties during the eighth meeting of the Joint High Commission held in Rabat. It was chaired by the head of government Aziz Akhannouch and Mauritanian Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal Messoud. 

According to the daily Assabah, several agreements and memoranda of understanding were signed at the meeting. They are a series of 13 agreements, and deal with issues related to agriculture, maritime fisheries and aquaculture, environmental protection and sustainable development, tourism, standardisation and better quality in the industrial sector. 

The agreements will also help to improve the health, vocational training, land distribution, urban planning and housing, and investment and business sectors. This meeting was a new opportunity to establish new ties to the benefit of both countries. 

These talks between Morocco and Mauritania have revived the relationship between the two countries, which had cooled in recent years. During the talks, the two sides showed a clear interest in strengthening ties and developing them in the interests of both peoples. 

After the meeting, the President of the Mauritanian government stressed the need for both countries to "reinforce" "joint action, by updating and extending the instruments" of cooperation between Rabat and Nouakchott. According to Messoud, this coordination between the two will ensure "compatibility with the objectives set, and with the demands of the new realities of our countries and the world around us". 

At the end of his remarks, Messoud expressed his hope that these agreements could enter into force quickly, with a view to improving development and cooperation in the service of the two nations. 

On the other hand, according to the newspaper La VIE éco, the Moroccan head of government indicated that this latest meeting between Rabat and Nouakchott served as an opportunity to review and qualify the results of coordination between the two countries in various fields. It was also an opportunity to reflect on the means necessary to promote the economic development of the two countries. 

AFP/IAN FOSYTH  -   Aziz Akhannouch, Prime Minister of Morocco

He also noted that the talks between the two countries were taking place in a context of important regional and international changes and major security challenges for both countries. These are the reasons for the need to intensify the relationship and cooperation between the two regions.  

Finally, Akhannouch concluded that "the collective and sincere will of our two countries will allow us to win the bet, face the challenges and achieve the objective of raising the level of our distinguished relations in various fields"

This latest meeting, according to Le360, also addressed the consensus of the two countries on issues such as: the Maghreb space, joint Arab action, the situation in Palestine, the conflicts in the Arab region, the Sahel scenario, the Sahara region, a territory for which the Alaouite kingdom proposes a formula of broad autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty that has received strong international support, and development on the African continent

The seventh session of the Joint High Commission took place in April 2013, since when relations between the two countries had cooled. This meeting has managed to resolve the differences and mark a new positive dynamic in the friendship between Morocco and Mauritania. 

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