Spokesman Bahia Baali indicated that the visit to Rabat of the Spanish President of the Government marks the debut of a more committed policy of Spain towards Western Sahara

El MSP señala que el viaje de Sánchez inaugura una nueva etapa entre Marruecos y España

photo_camera PHOTO/ROYAL PALACE OF MOROCCO - File photo, Pedro Sanchez, is greeted by Morocco's King Mohamed VI before their lunch at the Royal Palace in Rabat, Morocco, Monday, Nov. 19, 2018.

The Sahrawi Movement for Peace (MSP), through its spokesman Bahia Baali, has issued an official statement in which he said that the trip of the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, to Morocco begins a new stage in diplomatic ties between the two nations and inaugurates an unprecedented and more committed policy of Spain in relation to Western Sahara.

Here is a statement from the spokesperson of the MSP, Bahia Baali.

The trip of the Spanish President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, to Morocco inaugurates a new stage not only in relations between the two countries, but also marks the debut of an unprecedented and more committed policy of Spain in relation to its former colony of Western Sahara.

More than the passionate, more or less self-interested or spurious parliamentary debates surrounding the issue, what really matters and what the Saharawis want is resolute and effective action capable of contributing to a peaceful and viable solution from a realistic and pragmatic approach that will put an end to half a century of suffering.

The government of President Sánchez, unlike previous governments, including those of the Popular Party, which limited themselves to acting as spectators and contenting themselves with humanitarian gestures, has decided to move away from negative neutrality and commit itself politically and morally to facilitating a peaceful solution to a problem that has been festering for half a century and which has already seen six secretaries-general and a dozen UN envoys.

The MSP, which reflects the feelings of the majority of the original population of Western Sahara, welcomes Spain's new policy and hopes that Pedro Sánchez will open a period of peace and hope after fifty years of war, exile and hardship.

Bahia Baali, spokesperson of the MSP 

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