The money approved by the city council will be used for 16 programmes and 185 projects

Tangier approves 2.2 billion euros in investment until 2027

Puerto de Tánger Med, Marruecos - PHOTO/ATALAYAR
Port of Tangier Med, Morocco - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

The Tangier City Council approved the city's programme of activities for the period 2022-2027, with a budget of more than 24.6 billion dirhams (about 2.2 billion euros). 

The municipality's implementation programme, which is a reference document for the programming of priority projects and activities implemented in the municipality, includes 16 programmes and 185 projects, according to a communiqué from the municipality issued at the meeting chaired by the mayor of Tangier, Mounir Laymouri. 

This major programme focuses on five strategic axes:

Territorial management and marketing
Development of culture and sport
Open local administration and social inclusion
Economic development and sustainable initiatives 
Development and strengthening of urban spaces 

In addition, Congress approved amendments and changes to tax legislation to improve the efficiency and fairness of the tax system, simplify tax procedures for citizens and businesses, and stimulate economic activity and investment. 

Around the Hassan II Mosque, Tangiers - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

In the area of urban planning and real estate, the Council approved 12 points on a draft decision on the withdrawal of land located in the districts of Bni Makada, Aouama and Nzahada from common state ownership in order to merge them with private properties for sale to private individuals at a price to be determined by a committee of administrative experts. 


The Council confirmed the approval of a draft resolution allowing Amendis to acquire or dispose of real estate for the installation and consolidation of transformers and the construction of drinking water tanks, in addition to inspecting and approving streets and street names. Also included is a plan for the demarcation of roads for general use. 


In addition, a draft specification to support social, cultural and sports organisations was certified and considered the request of the civic group "Green Youth Movement" to end all forms of punishment for abandoned dogs. 

The council also updated the specifications of five projects in the public facilities and services sector, namely the temporary occupation of the city beach, the rezoning of the Sidi Hssain livestock market and the technical specifications for the operation of the Sidi Hssain weekly market.


Council members signed an agreement to support training programmes for inmates in two prisons in the municipality of Tangier and a cooperation agreement to complete the development and equipping of the Tangier Forensic Centre. 

This plan includes agreements on the regularisation of buildings, the implementation of rehabilitation programmes, the strengthening of forest fire prevention related to the community health centre project in the Mers Achennad region and an addendum to the contract covering the financing of ongoing repairs to video surveillance camera systems installed in common areas and electrical equipment.


Finally, the Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of programmes for the beautification of under-equipped local government areas and the integration of urban development and the Host Cities Agreement for the 2030 World Cup, under the "Host City Agreement", were considered.