Major Chafik Chengriha is increasingly in the news. Although he has no organic links with the Algerian secret services, he has been involved in operations mounted by them against Algerian opponents in France. This has come to the attention of the French counter-espionage services

The son of Algeria's army chief of staff in the crosshairs of French counter-espionage

El general argelino Said Chengriha - AP/FATEH GUIDOUM
Algerian General Said Chengriha - AP/FATEH GUIDOUM

According to reliable sources, Major Chafik Chengriha, son of General Saïd Chengriha, is being targeted by the French Directorate-General for Internal Security for his involvement in a terrorist plot.

  1. Involvement in what is considered to be a terrorist action

Sent to France in 2020, after his father became chief of staff of the Algerian army, to pursue postgraduate studies at a university in Lyon, Major Chafik Chengriha extended his stay for another year by enrolling at a university in Paris. After finishing his studies, he refused to return to Algeria, where he found it difficult to live his homosexual life to the full.

Discreetly, he joined the military office of the Algerian Embassy in Paris. Following in his father's footsteps, he began to meddle in matters that did not concern him at all. Taking advantage of his status as the son of a... he began to satisfy his curiosity for the world of intelligence. The DGDSE agents working at the Embassy did not deny him anything and allowed him to find out everything about their activities.  

They introduced him to their foreign agents and told him about the operations they were planning against Algerian opponents in France. Driven by a spirit of revenge against some of these people, who were highly critical of his father, he became unreservedly involved in the operations against them. In the same way he envisaged operations to settle scores against people with no political label.

This is how he came to be involved in a plan to physically eliminate a young businessman who, without knowing it, had unwittingly overshadowed companies that guaranteed him a significant percentage of their profits in exchange for his interventions on their behalf. But also for having unknowingly foiled the diabolical plans of the Algerian DGDSE in France. On the face of it, the target does not fit the profile of a political opponent and has never shown any hostility towards the Algerian regime.

Chafik y Said Chengriha
Chafik and Said Chengriha

Involvement in what is considered to be a terrorist action

Commander Chafik Chengriha has thus gratuitously exposed himself to the spotlight of French counter-espionage, which has sufficient evidence of his involvement in what is considered a terrorist action. This is yet another scandal for Algeria's Directorate-General for External Security, which has shown an astonishing degree of amateurism by involving in its operations talkative and boastful amateurs such as Commander Chafik Chengriha, Lotfi Nezzar, son of General Khaled Nezzar, a certain Mohamed Aït-Aftis or Kaci Ghiles and the "London rat". It is true that the head of this structure, Major General Djebbar Mehenna, appointed to the post in September 2022, does not know the world of foreign intelligence. He has spent most of his career in internal security and army security.

After serving time in prison for "illicit enrichment, including procuring" in October 2019 (see video on Algerian public television), and after being sentenced to 8 years in prison, of which he served only 11 months between October 2019 and July 2020, Djebbar Mehenna was entrusted with the onerous mission of foreign counter-espionage. A mission that he transformed into a hunt for adversaries. A hunt without a single success. More like mishaps.