Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova told the British Sky channel

Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office identifies 500 war crimes suspects

masacre de bucha, en Ucrania

Ukraine's Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova said on Sunday that her country has identified around 500 people suspected of war crimes during the Russian invasion.

In an interview with British broadcaster Sky News, Venediktova said at least 5,600 cases of war crimes had been documented, including this week's attack on the Kramatorsk railway station in the Donbas.

"It was a Russian missile that killed more than 50 people (in Kramatorsk). These people just wanted to save their lives, they wanted to be evacuated. They were women, they were children," the prosecutor said.

Asked whether the government has evidence of Russian responsibility for the attack, Venediktova said they have "proof".

She added that 90 percent of the infrastructure in the southeastern city of Mariupol has been destroyed after weeks of shelling.

"What we are seeing in Ukraine right now is that the fighting continues in the eastern part of our country in an absolutely brutal and aggressive way," the prosecutor general said.

"The Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions were attacked tonight," Venediktova said, adding that 1,222 more deaths have been reported in the Kiev region in the past few hours.

"What we are seeing on the ground, in all regions of Ukraine, are war crimes, crimes against humanity," she said.